dear Caroline: three months

dear Caroline: three months


Dear Caroline,

Today you are three months old! This newborn period has just flown by – I can’t believe you are a quarter of the way through your first year already. You are growing so much. We moved you into the three month clothes already, and it’s with some sadness that I pack away all your newborn outfits. I took you to the pediatrician about halfway through the month you weighed in at 12lbs 9.5oz. You’re doing great – nice and healthy!

You have been seeing the chiropractor regularly and your torticollis is almost completely gone. You hold your head up so straight now. You’re getting so much stronger and in control of your muscles. You don’t mind being on your tummy at all, and you even start pushing up with your arms. You have discovered your thumb and enjoy sucking on it when you’re trying to fall asleep. I hope this doesn’t become a habit! You also have discovered how to grab a hold on things, and you particularly like your older sister’s hair. I’m sure this is just the beginning of her getting used to having a younger sister. :-)

Caroline getting adjusted

This month you went on two little road trips. The first was to Alabama to visit Maddie for her 4th birthday! You did really well in the car, for which we were grateful. Maddie’s brother Alex is about 4 months older than you. We look forward to you getting to play with him when you’re both older. The other road trip was up to Blue Ridge, Georgia where we went apple picking. You were pretty happy to ride around in the Ergo while we picked apples. It was a lovely day and we hope to do it every fall.

Another fall tradition that you got to participate in was the Atlanta Greek Festival! We go every year to enjoy yummy Greek food and celebrate the Greek culture. Your daddy wore you in the Ergo, and at one point you, Daddy, and Savannah were all dancing to the live band. You seemed to enjoy yourself.


You also got to meet your Aunt Mamie for the first time! She made a special trip here from Florida just to meet you. She loved getting to hold you and spend time with you. We spent time walking around a mall, and she carried you in the sling the whole time. You seemed pretty cozy with the arrangement. Aunt Mamie is my younger sister, just like you’re Savannah’s younger sister. I hope one day you have a good relationship with your sister like I have with mine!

Mamie and Caroline

Personality-wise, you are surprising me by being fairly easy-going. You have your fussy moments, but overall you’re pretty content to just ride along to whatever adventure we’re on. You’ve been to two birth events already – the first was a film screening called “Freedom for Birth”, and the second was a play about birth and an expo. You helped me run the Atlanta Birth Center table and sell t-shirts. You were a great ice breaker for the people who came by, since I’m not very good at the small talk. You also joined me at an ICAN of Atlanta meeting, where we talked about birthy stuff.

You are a fairly serious baby, so we have to work harder to see your grins, but when you do flash them it’s worth the wait! I also heard you full-out giggle the other day, which warmed my heart. You still have the most adorable coos and generally make it easy to just look at you and make faces until you grin, giggle, or coo. You also LOVE baths. You think it’s great fun to splash in the water, and you grin and coo the whole time. You usually take baths with your sister, which she thinks is extra special.

As you’re getting older, you’re looking less like your big sister and more like your own person. Everyone says you look like me, so we’ll see! I think you have my eyes, whereas your sister has your father’s eyes. Right now your eyes are a deep blue and very pretty. We’ll see if they change!

I can’t wait to see what next month brings!
Love, Mommy

Representing Atlanta Birth Center

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