dear Caroline: two months

dear Caroline: two months

Sleepy girl

Dear Caroline,

Today you are two months old! I feel like just yesterday I sat down to write your one month letter. I am trying to treasure these fleeting newborn days, now that I know how fast they go.

You have grown a lot this month. I’m not sure how much you weigh right now, but you are growing out of your newborn clothes already! You have some cute little rolls in your arms and legs, with dimples in your elbows. Your dark hair continues to be the thing that most people comment on, though it is thinning just a little in a few places. You started smiling this month and I was so excited to see dimples! You are adorable when you smile. You also have started “talking” – cooing and making adorable noises.

Baby grins!

You got to meet your extended family this month! Your grandparents from both sides as well as your aunt, uncle, and cousin Drew. They all came for Savannah’s birthday and to meet you. You really enjoyed having people around to hold you all the time. You’re still too little to interact much, but I think everyone loved the newborn cuddles you were happy to give.

Also this month something big happened: you went on your first trip! We took a bus, then a train, then a plane up to Boston for your Uncle Tim’s wedding! You did great on the plane, hardly noticing at all what was going on. You slept on my chest almost the whole time, and you took the rest of the trip in stride. You met lots of other relatives, too; your great-grandma, all four of your great-aunts, and some other more distant relatives. (First cousin once removed?) You slept the entire wedding and reception, but you did wake up when they played the song “Sweet Caroline” for you. I brought you out to the dance floor and we all danced around, singing to you. It was a lot of fun!

Auntie Clara gladly holds Caroline

A week or two ago, someone pointed out to me that you seemed to be tilting your head to your right all the time. I hadn’t noticed it before, but once she mentioned it I don’t know how I missed it! It’s something called torticollis. I took you to our chiropractor, and you’ve seen her three times so far. Already there is so much improvement! You don’t particularly love the chiropractor, but I’m sure you like being able to straighten your neck. We’ll keep an eye on it, but hopefully you’re good to go now.

Your older sister still loves you and dotes on you. She calls you “Cay-yine” and always wants to see your face so she can give you a hug and a kiss. She likes to show you off to other people. You seem pretty oblivious to all this attention, but I hope the two of you become good friends and playmates as you get older.

As we head into fall, I look forward to introducing you to our fall traditions!
Love, Mommy

Grandma, Grandpa, Savannah, and Caroline

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