All is quiet

All is quiet

I keep staying up until the wee hours of the morning. You’d think with a newborn, I’d be all about going to bed when both kids are asleep. Actually, I find I am craving the quietness and stillness of the night. All I hear right now is the sound of raindrops and crickets outside, and the running of the fridge inside. Caroline is asleep next to me on the couch. She is 10 weeks old now (I had to look it up – how did she get that old already???) and growing like crazy. People comment that she’s so small, but she seems so big to me! She still fits into most of the 0-3 month clothes, though I’ll probably pull out the 3 month clothes pretty soon!

It’s October, technically since it’s after midnight. How fast the end of the summer went! We’re getting into the swing of things. Summer always brings about a change in schedule, especially summers that bring new babies. Savannah has preschool twice a week, and she loves it. Every day she tells me, “I want to go to school!”

Being a big election year, Paul is incredibly busy at work. He put in 12+ hour days every day last week, which was hard on both of us. He has promised me that this upcoming week won’t be as bad… we’ll see!

We’ve been trying to fit fall-y things into the weekends. Last weekend we went apple picking at an orchard north of Atlanta. We had a really good time! I took some pictures, which I’ll upload to Flickr eventually. ;-) (I’m actually pretty good about uploading pictures to Flickr – much better than I am about blogging!!) Paul spent this weekend working on apple pies. He loves making pumpkin pie, and is trying to master apple pies now. Yum!

Next weekend is the Atlanta Greek Festival, which we go to every year. And maybe one of these weekends we’ll go camping before it gets too cold. We didn’t go camping at all this year – I was too tired to plan and execute a camping weekend, which makes me sad. I hope we don’t get out of the habit of camping. But once you have kids and a house, it IS a bit more complicated. We just need to find our new rhythm.

That’s about all that’s new these days. Now, should I go to bed, continue reading The Three Musketeers, or watch an episode of Law & Order? Hmm, decisions, decisions…

2 thoughts on “All is quiet

  1. I think the craving quiet is why I stayed up so late when Lee was gone!

    Make sure you’re getting enough rest though :)!

  2. Hehe… nighttime is all I get to work on my stuff! Unless the kids magically take their naps. I often stay up too late to work on my projects.

    We did quite a bit of camping this year; as the kids have gotten older it’s been a bit easier to get into the groove, but we’ve also done it with cloth diapers and you just adjust as necessary. What’s nice is, since I pack the camper, Phil often cleans up for me after meals while camping. Yes! I hope we get a bunch of camping trips in next year even though we’ll have a baby this time.

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