blog redesign

blog redesign

I spent a good part of yesterday evening working on a blog redesign. I’ve never done a theme from scratch before – I’ve always adapted an existing WordPress theme. But, this time Paul said he’d turn my design into a theme, so I have started with a blank slate! (Or, rather, Photoshop file.)

It’s much harder than I anticipated. My strength as a designer doesn’t lie in the start-from-scratch creative ideas… I’m more of a make-the-design-better type of designer. That’s okay; both types of designers are needed (the former tend to be not very detailed, so it’s important to have a detail person like me come in behind and tie up all the loose ends so the design can be properly implemented). I worked on it until around 2:30 in the morning last night, and finally gave up and decided to sleep on it. I’ve come back to it today and I must admit I am still at a loss. Paul and I both agree that it’s missing something, but we aren’t sure what.

I’ve been bookmarking blogs whose designs catch my eye, and trying to figure out what about the design appeals to me, and how can I use that concept for my own blog? But now all the blogs are starting to run together, and I’m about ready to give up! Argh.

I have also been thinking about my blog, what its purpose is, etc. I decided it’s like a letter to a friend. I mention things I’m passionate about – cloth diapers, etc. – but those “informative” posts aren’t my main purpose. It’s like we’re sitting down over a hot cup of tea and chatting. And what the heck does the name twentysixcats mean anyways? I am not going to change the name, but I’m trying to figure out how to make it work with my life now – I don’t even have cats anymore.

Hopefully you’ll see a new blog design here soon. In the meantime, check out this video of Savannah playing in her PeaPod.

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  1. I was thinking about this yesterday, since you’ve mentioned it before. After reading one of your posts, I thought, “I wouldn’t describe this as a graphic-designing blog,” which is what you’d think, reading, “A day in the life of a graphic designer.” I thought you’ve rarely shared your designs, but you know what came to my mind immediately? You may be a graphic designer but here you’re a blogger — I mean, a real blogger, not someone like me who has a blog. You are active in the community, keeping up on blogs in the blogosphere. You have several blogs dedicated to several topics and you are pretty consistent about posting in each. You are also great at it; you present every perspective and include pictures. You get regular comments. So that’s it; you’re a writer but specifically a blogger.
    I think your posts do tend more towards informative but I really like those best. It’s so difficult to find thorough examinations of an issue; most blogs are biased. And you DO write about cloth diapering a lot! It’s up to you whether you want to remold your image, but in my mind it is kinda-crunchy-mama-blogger. And that is a good thing. ;) Now off to read your post about the Pea Pod. I’m guessing it’s going to be information about a product that camping mamas love!

  2. Yeah, I changed my tagline a little while ago to “life between diapers and naptime”. I thought that description fit me a little better right now. :-) Interesting your thoughts about being a blogger… I never thought of it, but it’s so true.

    So did you like my post about the PeaPod? :-)

  3. Okay, so NOW I’ve been thinking about Twenty Six Cats. I read a children’s book about a rabbit with 26 bunnies named A to Z and thought you could do something similar with cats for Savannah.

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