getting off my butt

getting off my butt

One of my desires is to get off my butt more. I get tired so easily; I could sit all day and be okay with that. Going from one chore to another without an hour or two to sit down in between is exhausting to me. Hmm, now that I’m thinking about this, that’s not normal, is it? I wonder if I should make a doctor’s appointment.

Today I tried to be more active, though I didn’t make it to the pool like I usually try to do in the mornings. I was planning to go grocery shopping after swimming (my usual Monday routine), and so I spent some time away from the computer and figuring out the meal plan and grocery list. Then, as I was about to leave, I remembered that the lady coming to observe Savannah was due to arrive in only an hour, and I couldn’t make it to the grocery store and back by then. So I cleaned up the house, and then when the lady arrived I played with Savannah for about an hour and a half while she took notes. I bet Savannah loved my attention.

Wow, writing all this makes me realize how very easily tired I get. Even though I was just sitting on the ground with her (not moving), about halfway through I had to stop and sit on the chair because I was so exhausted.

I did get a break for about an hour after the lady left, and Savannah went down for a short nap. Then she woke up and the two of us went to pick up Paul from the train station. We swung by Home Depot on the way home to get some paper leaf bags so I could do my 30 minute challenge. Paul watched Savannah while I worked in the yard, picking up branches and raking up pine needles. It was nice to be outside. And Savannah stood at the screen door and watched me, occasionally interjecting a “HI!” if she thought I was ignoring her too much. So cute!

When I was done with the yard, I went to get my hair cut. Since I started swimming, I’ve been having a horrible time with my hair being dry and tangled. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things afterward. I called Paul, and apparently Savannah found the phone and answered it. It was so cute. She kept saying “Hi!” and then a bunch of gibberish that sounding convincingly like an actual telephone conversation. I’m still unsure if Paul even knew that I had called.

Once home, I quickly ate dinner and finished cleaning the guest room. My brother-in-law’s girlfriend flew through Atlanta on her way to Brazil and needed a place to crash for the night, so I drove down to the airport to pick her up. A very busy day; I am finally sitting again and feel absolutely exhausted. I could go to sleep right now, and it’s only midnight! I am always happy, though, when I manage to spend my day doing things instead of sitting on the couch all day. I just hate how exhausted it makes me feel!

Tomorrow, my goal is to again accomplish more. We have PT in the morning, and it always helps when I’m forced to be up and out of the house first thing. :-)

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  1. Well, that DOES seem like a busy day. Swimming, list-making, cleaning, playing for 90 minutes, raking for 30 minutes, haircut, grocery shopping. Playing with Elijah makes me exhausted, too. It’s just mentally draining; usually, I can only take about 15 minutes or so of the same thing, whether it’s Legos or kids’ books, and then I want to shoot myself out of boredom. :P I don’t think it’s normal to need up to a 2 hour break between chores (15 minutes seems right) but I know I’ve been there. It was that time of being depressed I was telling you about when you were over here. Depression drains you mentally AND physically. I’m now content to stay home most days but then it was such a huge change, I bet it would’ve been good for me to start the day by going someplace. And sometimes, your body just has to get used to a routine. At first, it will seem tiring, but then you notice you have more and more energy (unless you’re met with unusual challenges)!

  2. It’s ok to go to a doctor who is willing to explore some things and run some labs perhaps, and tell you something other than “get enough sleep, exercise, eat well.”

    But it’s “only midnight”? That’s pretty late! I know you’ve had sleep issues for awhile. Maybe it’s all related?

  3. Totally agree with Nichole about the mental exhaustion! Not only the planning, then all the running errands (no matter how much walking; I get tired with all the driving around, picking things out, and the stress of having to rush if necessary), but then there’s the physical stuff you did.

    And I get SO tired of playing with the kids! I’d rather they play alongside me while I get my own stuff done. Not only that, but I’m a quiet person; I could be content not saying much throughout the day, but with the kiddos I’m constantly having to talk (and if it’s refereeing, yelling, correcting, punishing, I get even more tired and impatient and headachey).

    I’m hoping you were kidding about the midnight thing; it did sound slightly sarcastic. When we put the kiddos to bed, it feels like I should be going to bed, too. :) I can stay up late, but 10 is my bedtime and I definitely feel it.

    Aside from the exercise you’ve been wanting to get, I’ll bet if you didn’t stay up late you would have more energy. And diet plays a huge role in how you feel. I actually get restless if I’ve been sitting too long – I know I need to get off my butt, too! If it would help, create a little schedule for yourself, and don’t put too many activities together that involve sitting down. Sometimes I tell myself no internet till the kids are napping, otherwise I’ll want to check e-mail first thing and then get sucked in to the internet vortex.

    I have been feeling a bit stir-crazy lately, and I think it’s been the weather, being cooped up indoors. I want it to be warm and sunny so I can take the kids outside, take ’em to the playground or have a picnic.

  4. I was slightly sarcastic about the only midnight. :-) But since I get up around 9, I usually go to sleep around 12 or 1am. But I’m rarely absolutely exhausted at midnight, like I felt last night. Of course, as I was getting ready for bed, I suddenly got a horrible headache, and I think I had it all night because I slept very fitfully and my head was still pounding when I woke up.

    The weather here has been wonderful, warm and gorgeous, aside from today. It’s currently cold (50’s) and rainy, but it’s supposed to be back in the 70’s for the rest of the week. Savannah loves the park so I try to be good about taking her, but that’s more exhausting because I have to be 100% attentive the whole time, as she is still too unsteady to not just scoot right off the playground equipment.

  5. How is it that you and Nichole both have kids that sleep in? Is it an only child thing? I’ve never been able to sleep that long! I guess going to bed at 10 (or earlier) has become a necessity because I’m up between 6-6:30. And now that it’s become routine, I wouldn’t be able to sleep in even if I wanted to!

  6. I’m not sure. Elijah’s pediatrician says it’s normal for him to sleep 12 -14 hours. On the days he doesn’t nap, he’s been sleeping 14 hours. So I put him to bed between 7-9 (7 if he hasn’t napped, 9 if we had visitors or to go someplace after dinner) and there you go!

  7. I’ve heard it really depends on the kid. Savannah has always been a late-to-bed, late-to-rise kind of person – and I suppose we encouraged that. I love having evenings open to do things and be with people – it makes things much easier! She goes to bed around 9pm and wakes up around 9am, most days.

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