I have given up Facebook and Twitter for Lent. I wasn’t going to talk about it here, but all day I have been thinking of status messages and tweets that I’ve been wanting to post. One of my reasons for taking a break from that social media is to focus more on blogging, so I thought I’d do my microblogging over here instead. :-) Anyways, a few things on my mind this morning…

…It’s a dreary, wet, and rainy day here in Atlanta today. But, it’s not cold so that’s a good thing! I was standing in our bathroom looking at the flooded backyard, and I noticed some green plants weeds peeking through the dead leaves. I guess I need to get out the mower pretty soon!

…A friend and I went to a consignment sale this morning. Tis the season! I ended up with 5 cute outfits for Savannah for this summer. I have very little for her in the way of summer wear (most of the summer clothes I have are either 12 months, which she still fits into some, and 24 months/2T, which are waaay too big). I have been enjoying buying some clothes for her, especially dresses! I have hopes that she’ll be walking by the summer, because toddler dresses aren’t really cut or made for scootching babies.

…Savannah has learned to climb up the steps, on her hands and knees. Yay for progress!! But yikes, I need a baby gate for the bottom of the steps now! We went and got a cheap stationary one from Walmart, but it doesn’t allow for baseboards (which is stupid :-p). Besides, I like having a little gate anyways, and we are probably going to be stuck with baby gates on the steps for the next 5+ years, so might as well get something we like. I picked one up at the consignment sale this morning and hopefully it works out well.

…I found this site the other day: the red dress club. I’m intrigued and hope to participate in the assignments. I’m hoping that it will add some interesting posts to my blog. I miss writing, and desire to pick it up again, but haven’t known where to start.

…I have a horrible headache right now. So, I am going to publish this and hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day.

4 thoughts on “microblogging

  1. Ooh! Climbing the stairs is kind of like crawling! It seems like the same motions to me. :-) Fun!
    As far as the baseboards, can you just put the gate above the baseboards, or am I misunderstanding the problem?

  2. My mother even commented that ever since I got on Facebook, I haven’t posted to my blog nearly as often. Guilty as charged! So I totally understand what you’re doing and why. I admire those who give up FB for Lent. I can’t do it, as it’s one of our means of communication with our youth group. I don’t text, and our kids don’t read email, so FB is the one communication tool we can all agree on!

  3. I haven’t been on Facebook for a few months now, and it’s been a refreshing change. There was so much drama that I got sick of it. Even the good stuff got to be overwhelming; if I didn’t log on I felt like I was missing out, and when I did sign in I had to check ALL the updates/pictures and it took so much time. The only reason why I’m on Twitter more often is because it’s my only social outlet online, aside from e-mail and blogging. And it’s so much easier to stay up-to-date with the tweets!

    I’ve been trying to write/blog more often, but oftentimes find it hard to put my thoughts into something cohesive. I have all these ideas, but sometimes all I come up with is a recipe. :) I’ve been doing a bit more, though – baby steps!

    I love consignment shopping! In fact, I just dropped a bunch of stuff OFF at a consignment shop, hoping to sell some things. :) While there, I got a $5 pair of L. L. Bean ice skates for Gwen for next year. Score! It was the end-of-the-season sale, so I got them for 75% off. I have also been looking for a bathrobe for Gwen since she gets so cold after a bath, and I found one on the dollar rack – score again! I have to be careful what I buy her clotheswise nowadays, though, because she has been asserting her independence and will only wear certain things. *sigh*

    We use baskets filled with toys on the last stair of our staircase, and it’s worked for both kiddos. By the time they can pull them off, they can go up and down the stairs just fine. :)

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