a little idle talk of this and that

a little idle talk of this and that

This is the third time I’ve sat down to write a blog post. Recently, I’ve felt a bit stuck in the mud. I seem to go from emotional extremes (ecstatic to down in the dumps), and a lot of the time I feel like I’m a robot just moving from one thing to the other. I don’t know how to explain it well, so hopefully you get what I mean.

I have this yearning to “go back”, but not sure what exactly I want to return to. I have this dissatisfaction and unsettledness that I think stems from the Internet. I notice that my better days are the ones where I am not online much. But it’s so addictive…!

But enough of that. I hope to get things figured out, and I hope that in the process I do not ignore my blog. :-) I really value this blog as a way of recording my life, for future reference. So for the time being, it’s important to me to keep at it. And hopefully soon I’ll figure out a way to return to writing meaningful posts.

So recently, I have been keeping busy with various activities. Savannah has had her cast on for a week now, and has two weeks left. (CanNOT come soon enough!) We had to go get a new cast today because the old one fell off. Apparently, that’s common with babies because of the baby fat. This new one goes much higher on her leg and now she can’t bend her knees. This makes it really difficult to get her in and out of her carseat, so I think we are going to turn her forward facing for the next two weeks just because I am scared of damaging her leg because it keeps bending weirdly.

Side note, we bought a big-girl carseat this week. *sniff* She’s growing up!

I mentioned a while ago that we attended a new church, and I keep meaning to write a follow-up post about it. We have decided to go ahead and commit to the new church. We like it a lot. I have spearheaded a nursery – right now each couple just takes turns watching the babies, since there are only 3 currently. We’re still working everything out but I think it’s a good thing. :-)

Our church is starting a sort of home fellowship group, targeting parents of babies/toddlers. I am excited for this. There are 6 couples right now. It’s nice to be in a group getting to know people on a deeper level. We are going to be reading “Shepherding a Child’s Heart“.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this, but the past month or two I returned one day a week to my old job to help them out with a big project. It was nice extra money. They asked me to come in more often, but I just couldn’t do that, so they ended up hiring someone else full-time. (They had too much work for one-day-a-week.) It was an interesting taste into what being a working mom would be like, and I am even more convinced it’s not for me. :-) It did remind me, though, how even if I’m not bringing money home, I can still add to our family’s income by working on ways to decrease expenses. We desperately need to do this more as we have more bills than income. (The good news – we are almost at the max out-of-pocket for Savannah’s health insurance! Hooray!) I am going to work on that more in the weeks to come… motivation is what I’m working on right now!

I should probably get to bed, so I will close with a few humorous spam comments. On my Dragon*Con post, a spammer left a comment mentioning, “it should be populous about Dragon*Con parade . thank you for sharing.”. On my post about housekeeping, I got a comment that said: “oh ,Housework, it too boring when you get a bad mood. how about flylady would be better. I think so.”

And my personal favorite, on my post about Savannah breaking her leg, the comment was: “she is so cute and not falling apart.”

(P.S. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me without the help of Google what the headline of this post is from.)

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  1. Oh is it? That’s awesome. I really don’t know anything about it, and I’m skeptical of Christian parenting books… I’ve read too much Ezzo, hehe. I have the newborn thing figured out, but not a clue about the older baby/toddler stage. I’m eager to learn.

  2. I usually feel better on days when I’m not online. It takes so LONG, just the catching up and the need to be on top of things. *sigh* But then I feel guilty… what did I miss? Is someone trying to reach me? Will the world go on without me?? :P

  3. I have yet to read a baby-toddler book that I can really give a majority approval on :-P. Most of the Christian parenting books are way too Ezzo, and most of the attachment parenting books are way too humanistic/my-child-is-perfect/spanking-is-evil. Ugh. Balance, people! I really do like a lot of things about AP for ideas for babies, but they’re way too idealistic to take too seriously, imo. And I can’t stand Ezzo. Shepherding a Child’s Heart is more about discipline once a kid can communicate (though he does address a little about younger kids), and he is very well-balanced and scriptural. I think you’ll like it :-).

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