Dominican Republic, part 3: semana santa

Dominican Republic, part 3: semana santa

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We planned our trip to be down there over Easter Sunday, which was fun. As it was in Peru, the week of Easter is called Semana Santa, and is a HUGE deal down there. We participated in the festivities that the school, Escuela Caribe, had. On Friday, they had a Cross Walk, which was really cool. I already mentioned that the school was on the side of a mountain. They had a big wooden cross, and the students took turns dragging it up the road, pausing at certain intervals to read pieces of Scripture and other readings about the last days and death of Jesus. I found the walk up rather difficult (since I’m sooo out of shape), which to me drove home even more the sacrifice Jesus made.

The sun rises over the mountains

Paul and Savannah at the cross

They had a sunrise service that we attended on Easter Sunday. Then we went to the chapel and watched VeggieTales “Easter Carol”, and then we had an Easter brunch before a big Easter Egg hunt. Savannah was too little for hunting eggs of course, but we enjoyed dressing her up. I took a million pictures and had a hard time narrowing it down to just a few! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a family picture. :-( I didn’t realize that I didn’t have one until the end of the day when we had already changed out of our Easter finery. Oh well! Next year.

Easter Sunday

Mommy and Savannah

Paul and Savannah

Paul and Savannah

In the chapel

Easter Sunday afternoon, we went hiking. I dressed Savannah up in her cute little hat that I had gotten for her. It’s little bunny ears… isn’t it adorable?
Don't you love Savannah's Easter hat?

Oh and one last picture of Jeremiah hunting Easter eggs!
Jeremiah hunts Easter eggs!

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