what a day

what a day

I had *so* much to do today. And nothing got done.

I woke up with a horrible headache. I took some Excedrin and called my parents and then my grandmother. For some reason, talking on the phone really helps my headaches. I think it’s because my mind is distracted without using my eyes.

After it got better, I noticed that Savannah had a rash on her mouth, chin, and cheeks. I took off her outfit and realized the rash was all up her arms, on her chest, and on her feet. Her hands and feet were very swollen. I got really concerned! I tried to feel if she had a fever but I couldn’t tell. The in-the-ear thermometer said she was 95 degrees, so I figured that was wrong.

I started mentally thinking of other symptoms. She’s had a runny nose. Yesterday I’m pretty sure she had a fever, but she was okay by nightfall. She’s been spitting up more than usual recently and she also had a horrible diaper rash yesterday. (Coincidence? I didn’t know.)

I spent the afternoon pacing and asking Twitter for advice. I tried to call several friends, but no one answered. I consulted the internet. I was mostly wondering, should I take her in to be seen by a doctor?

In the meantime, it was a gorgeous day outside. I went into the guest room (where I’ve been keeping my laptop) and opened the window to let some of the breeze in the house. The cats jumped up on the windowsill and looked out. The next thing I knew, I heard a sound and Lewis had jumped out the 2nd story window!

I’ve always been safe on the 2nd story – I’ve *never* had them actually try to jump before.

I ran outside and fetched Lewis who hadn’t moved from the spot where he landed. He had a puffy tail and when he saw me he tried to hide, but I caught him easily and carried him inside.

This frustrates me because until we get new windows with screens, we won’t be able to leave any of our windows open. :-( And I *love* opening the windows in the spring and fall, to let in the wonderful outside air and let out the stale feeling of a cooped-up house. This kinda goes back to this post, about how I want new windows…

Around 3:30 I decided to take Savannah to the local children’s hospital. We went to the emergency room, where we were admitted and after not too long were seen by a doctor. He checked her over thoroughly and then told me the rash was caused by a cold virus that she had. I guess some kids get a rash when they have a virus? Anyways, the verdict is… she is FINE. Yay!

I came home and gave her a bath (I was supposed to do that this morning, but was worried about irritating the rash further). I noticed it was already starting to clear up. Good! I hope it’s all gone by tomorrow. :-) Now we just need to get the girl to sleep… she hasn’t napped at all today. She’s hit the separation anxiety phase and cries whenever I leave her line of vision. It’s been really frustrating!

Now it’s 7:30 and I still have a lot I need to do. I guess I will be up late tonight.

3 thoughts on “what a day

  1. Don’t think of it like that – you actually got a lot done today.

    1. You took care of yourself and got rid of a headache.
    2. You learned that a virus could lead to a rash on children and can now take steps accordingly.
    3. You found out that you need screens on your windows.
    4. You chased down and saved Lewis.
    5. You got to feel the wonderful breeze from chasing Lewis.
    6. You gave Savannah a bath.


  2. Aww thanks for the encouragement, Sopeak! :-)

    It’s 2am and I’m about done with all the other stuff too! Except for the dishes… those didn’t get done… Hmm…

  3. My parent’s house had screens that expanded width-wise to fit in the window, so that could be an inexpensive option for the time being if your windows vertically.

    Also, my husband thinks that a cat jumping out of a 2nd story window is hilarious, to give him some credit though, he didn’t laugh until he heard that the cat was ok =)

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