bloggy admin and other stuff

bloggy admin and other stuff

I have had this sitting in my drafts folder for a long time now because I don’t know how to turn it into a blog post. So, this might seem a little disjointed but here is some miscellaneous stuff I wanted to mention.

* Have you noticed the pictures besides the names in the comments section? If you were wondering how to set your own picture, then I (finally) figured it out! Go to to add or change your picture.

* I recently set up my blog so it cross-posts to Facebook. Any ideas for encouraging people to come here to to comment instead of on Facebook? Should I change my RSS feed to only show a partial feed?

* You may remember my friend Beth who wrote with me years ago at a blog called Onward & Upward. Well, she has started a new blog called The Nurturing Mama. You should go check it out (especially if you enjoy good recipes). Beth needs some comment love, so be sure to tell her you stopped by!

* Another new-ish blog is by my friend Leslie. I can definitely relate to her struggles as a wife and really disliking housework! Leslie is a great writer, and a fellow Criminal Minds fan. Check it out at Undomestic Wife.

* That’s it for now. :-)

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  1. Please don’t switch to partial feed. Usually that just means people will not move over from feed readers to finish reading.

    By “cross posts” do you mean it is writing into the notes at your facebook? If so, there are other options for announcing on FB that you’ve posted a new blog. In that it will link to your post with just the first few lines and title and a photo if you have one in that post. I got it as a plug in on wordpress.

    Also, you could just link to your posts yourself, with a gentle reminder/request to please comment on the blog rather than on FB.

  2. Mrs G: I just like all the comments in one place, and since not all my blog readers are on Facebook, the more logical explanation is here. :-)

    I guess it doesn’t really matter that much.

    Amanda: Yeah partial feeds annoy me too, so I probably won’t do that. That wordpress plugin sounds really cool – I will check into that. I tried for a short time to manually do that, but it got old really fast. :-)

    I found a plugin that moved all facebook comments to wordpress blog, but the plugin didn’t work. Too bad! It would have been perfect.

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