my apartment's giving me headaches

my apartment's giving me headaches

I have a headache. I haven’t had one since week 17, which is a huge blessing, but I really really wish I could take some Excedrin now.

I got it Saturday morning I think. I had a weird dream and woke up hating the world. Does that ever happen to you? I felt so angry at everyone. Friday night, I couldn’t sleep – I tossed and turned in bed until around 4am. The only reason I could think of was the hour-long nap I had on Friday. I don’t nap well, but Paul had mentioned to me that my body might be telling me to take a nap during the day because I’m so tired all the time. But then my body seems to love to deprive me of sleep at nighttime, go figure.

Anyways, I didn’t sleep well on Friday night and woke up with a headache on Saturday. It got really bad on Saturday evening, like first trimester bad, and I thought for sure I was going to throw up (but I didn’t). I still had it on Sunday morning so I asked Paul if we could skip Sunday School and just go to church so I could sleep a little longer. Then, when he woke me up to go, my headache was still bad and so he went on without me.

I woke up at 11:30 and felt a bit better and so as soon as Paul got home from church I asked him if we could go to the choir cookout thing that was after church. He liked the idea of free food, so we went back and had fun fellowshipping with my fellow choir members. I felt much better. Then we came home. My headache started getting bad again, to the point that I had to go lay down in bed. (I was also incredibly hot. It was so cool outside yesterday but I felt like I was burning up! Our bedroom is the coolest place in the house since I never open the blinds, so I often go lay on the sheets just to cool off.)

Paul came in and asked me if I wanted to go to Ikea. I said sure, and we drove downtown. I felt tons better at Ikea, and even had the energy to walk around the store! We hung out there for a long time. Then we came back home and sure enough, my headache returned.

I went to bed around 2am and woke up at 6:30. Why oh why? I only have a few precious weeks of sleep left, and my body things it’s some funny joke to not let me sleep at night! And now, two hours later, my headache has gotten worse. I think it’s something about my apartment that’s making it bad, but neither Paul nor I can figure it out.

Oh and one other thing… A while ago I got a changing pad that I set on the bathroom counter (without taking it out of the plastic wrap that it came in). One day I had hurriedly threw one of my Baby Kanga inserts on top before leaving to go somewhere. Some time later, I noticed the insert was slightly yellowish. I wasn’t sure what this meant until my mom came to visit, gave it a sniff, and said that it definitely smelled of cat urine. I was happy that it all came out in the wash and I can’t even tell which of my 13 inserts has already been used. :-) I guess those things were *made* to be peed on. Just, not by cats.

Anyways, yesterday I lifted up the changing pad to take the plastic wrap off it when I realized that the cat pee had gotten underneath… and had sat there for probably about a month. Sooo… even though it’s a counter top, it reeks. And it’s slightly stained. :-/ Paul washed it really well but it needs to be aired out. (Thank goodness that the changing pad is not damaged!) In the meantime… the bathroom smells really bad, especially if you close the door. This is not helping my headache, though I’m sure it’s not the cause.

I have a doctor’s appointment in 2 hours so I’ll mention the headache and see if she has any ideas. I wish I had the same doctor as who I had in my first trimester, so she can better know my history when I tell her “It’s a first trimester headache”. But, believe it or not, that was TWO care providers ago. It’s okay though. There’s probably nothing she can do to make me feel better. Maybe I’ll go hang out at CNN with Paul tomorrow to get out of the house. :-)

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  1. :-( I’m so sorry you’re not sleeping. I get bad headaches when I don’t sleep either. They’re stress headaches. I got one the other day when I stayed up past 1 writing that potty training post.

    But don’t worry about loosing too much sleep with your first child during those first few months. Newborns sleep a lot. And if you don’t have other children that means YOU get to sleep a lot, too. (As long as you’re okay with dishes going un-washed and laundry going un-laundered… which I totally am.) So definitely enjoy it and think of me while you nap 4 times a day! :-P

  2. I skipped church due to a headache yesterday, too. But unlike you, I could take something! You poor thing!

    As for the cat urine, well, I wish I couldn’t say this, but I can: I’m an expert at cat urine removal. Calvin used to spray years ago, and now with his kidney disease, he squats and pees on stuff, specifically our bed! Grrr. Anyway… get thee to Petsmart or Petco and buy a bottle of Nature’s Miracle. I promise, it will eat up that horrible smell and hopefully even the stain.

  3. You’re so darn cute. Even when things aren’t good youanage to sound optimistic. Is this your nature or Paul rubbing off on you? Anyways this somehow cheered me up after being horribly depressed and worried and harried. To answer your questio I’m grumpy if I don’t get enough sleep and if I am awaken mid cycle I kinda wanna rip someones head off!

  4. Anne Marie: I sprayed some of that stuff on this morning. Does it work on surfaces like bathroom counters? (Not sure the material, but I’m sure it’s cheap since it’s an apartment.) The smell seems slightly better but it’s still pretty vile when you stand over the counter.

  5. Nichole: Thanks for your sweet comment. :-) I actually was afraid this post sounded too complainy! I’m glad it didn’t seem so to you. I asked Paul if I am optimistic, or if it was rubbing off from him, and he said, “Hmm… Sure! I’ll take all the credit!” Hehe we decided that I’m not optimistic/pessimistic as much as I’m dramatic, and oftentimes dramatic leads to pessimism… “My life is OVER!”

  6. I have nothing to offer except to tell you that “this too shall pass.” Pretty soon, I promise you, you’ll be wishing you had the headaches back because they’re easier to deal with than sleep deprivation. All I can say is, just stay focused on why you’re doing this — to love and raise a child for God. That’s what I keep telling myself. Oh, and the fact that I CHOSE this lifestyle of mommyhood. Don’t worry about the things that aren’t done, trust me, they won’t matter because everything gets taken care of — eventually. Just hang in there. I keep telling myself that, too. :)

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