will you be there

will you be there

Below is a music video from the one and only exposure I had to Michael Jackson as a child:

Does anyone else remember this awesome movie, Free Willy? It always inspired me – especially the part at the end when Willy jumps over the rocks. I always really liked that song, too.

I was born slightly too late to really know Michael Jackson’s music (and my parents didn’t play any of it for us), though we definitely knew who he was. In recent years I’ve found him more creepy than anything else, but I think it’s been interesting to see the impact he made on people.

One more video… This is one of my favorite parts of the movie 13 Going on 30… :-)

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  1. have to admit, I’m sick of hearing about Michael Jackson. However… there was about a year of my life where I was crazy about free willy. I watched it SO MUCH that within the year I hated it. I hate when that happens. he he.

  2. I’m definitely coming from the angle of, he’s really creepy. We were born in the 80’s, so weren’t aware of the world until MJ was past his prime- and, so, our experience of him mostly involves plastic surgery, dangling babies, and child molesting. Not exactly someone I want to celebrate.

    I do remember performing this song in 5th grade with my class, I still remember the sign language to it!

  3. I tried very hard in this post to make sure it didn’t come across as if I was “celebrating” Michael Jackson, and I really didn’t want to get into that here. I didn’t (and don’t) want to air his dirty laundry on here, nor at the same time did I want to “celebrate” him. Rather, when I think of Michael Jackson it takes me back to my childhood and the movie Free Willy – a movie which I really liked, and a song that I really enjoyed as a child. Those are positive childhood memories for me. I almost feel that all the creepy stuff happened to a completely different guy.

  4. You didn’t come across as celebrating him- I just feel like the rest of the world is, and from the experience and point of view of someone born in the mid-80’s, I don’t see much to celebrate. I have no way to engage with the culture on this one.

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