6 months till my birthday!

6 months till my birthday!

Hehe I feel a little silly writing about my half birthday, but I’d feel weird not acknowledging it, so I’ll just let y’all think I’m silly. I explain it a little in a post I wrote a few years ago:

When I was little, June 26th meant that I could add, when consulted about my age, the very important phrase, “I’m six and a half!” Of course it’s not as cool to say “I’m 23 and a half” but I still like acknowledging my half birthday. (It’s not quite as overlooked as my real birthday, seeing that we’re 8 whole days from a holiday!)

Today I get to go see Susan who is visiting Atlanta, and the rest of her family! I am very excited about that. I enjoy making my mom jealous by saying, “I get to see Hans tonight.” Hehe (I’m a terrible daughter.)

I have an appointment with the midwife on Monday, and I’m going to ask her what’s going on with the practice. If she confirms that I won’t be able to deliver with one of the midwives, then I will look to move to the other practice that my friend recommends. The reason I’m hesitating before moving is because I have been hanging around an online message board, and some of the people there are saying that the midwives aren’t actually leaving when the letter said they were, and other things that make me wonder. Since I already had the appointment scheduled, I thought it would be the wisest to just ask point blank about it before making the moving decision.

My first full week as a stay-at-home wife is coming to a close. I have been extremely tired all week, despite the iron pills. I haven’t been getting much done, but I did manage to do all the laundry. I am even managing to scrape dinner together though it’s still Paul cooking most nights. I have been to the store every single day because I have yet to make a menu for the whole week. :-) (How Peruvian of me!) Speaking of… I really need to get to the store now and buy lettuce for the salad I’m bringing tonight… Hmm…

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  1. ha ha! we haven’t gone grocery shopping this week either. we’ve been to the store twice, once for baby food and once for hamburger meat. and who knows what is for supper tonight. I’ve been so lazy.

    Happy Half birthday!!!

  2. Jes: I’m really bad about regular shopping. :-) More often than not, there isn’t any food in the house… you’d be surprised at how bare our fridge is on a regular basis!

  3. We might have to make a big deal about Josiah’s half birthday too… Mr. December 23. :) Happy Half-Birthday!

    And Nathan informed me early in our marriage that he feels at-home and comfortable when the pantry has stuff in it… even if it is just random cans of beans or something. He just wants to see food when he opens it! But at the moment, things are pretty bare, since we will be in this apartment for… 3 more days!

    And now I will resume the stress that is packing…

  4. Oh no, are you dealing with anemia, too? We just discovered my low hemoglobin a few days ago, with just a couple weeks left to go in the pregnancy — the iron pills might not even totally kick in in time! Anyway, from one anemic mommy-to-be to another, I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Shannon: How exciting! Only 3 more days! :-) I hope you get everything finished packing soon!

    Becky: I can’t believe you’re only a few weeks away!! It seems just like yesterday you were announcing your expected arrival… :-)

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