checking in quickly

checking in quickly

I’m still alive, just been really busy. :-)

The Gerig Reunion was wonderful and I look forward to getting all the great pictures off my camera and writing up a blog post.

Since driving up to Indiana, I have flown to Providence where I stayed the night with Becky, driven to Connecticut where I visited with Susan for a while, drove to Fall River, Massachusetts where I saw my friend Nichole, and finally am in New Bedford, MA where my in-laws live! The baby shower is tomorrow and I head home on Sunday afternoon. I have had a wonderful trip, but my energy level is starting to wane a little bit. I’ll write more about everything later.

Paul is back in Atlanta now, living the bachelor life this week while I hop around his home state and hang out with his family. He’s had a really rough week that involves a minor car accident and some crazy stress at work, so if anyone wants to drop him a note to encourage him I’m sure it would be much appreciated. :-)

The reason why I hopped on a computer is because I got some sad news about our family dog, Spunky. I wrote about it here. :-(

Also, I haven’t heard anything more about Lewis except that one of the blood tests came back a-okay (yay!). I just haven’t had time to call the vet – I’ll do that on Monday.

And, we still haven’t heard anything about the house. We did receive some more documents that we had to sign and fax back (we’re pretty sure that we’ve signed them before…). That was quite exciting, since we’re in two separate states. Paul signed them, scanned them in, converted to PDF, emailed to me, where I borrowed a computer, printed them out, signed them, and then found a local library to fax them. I think the bank is making up things for us to do to stall time. :-)

I am going to watch a movie now. I think that “Marley & Me” should *not* be my movie choice for tonight.

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