potpourri of items

potpourri of items

I leave today for the Gerig Reunion! I am picking Paul up from work, and then we are on our way! We’re going to stay the night in Nashville to break up the trip a little bit. I think my body will appreciate that! A few random tidbits before I leave.

* At this point, I still haven’t heard anything back about Lewis. I expect a call today. Hopefully it will be okay that we are going to be out of town. I figure, since he’s not vomiting or anything, he’s probably fine for another 5 days until Paul gets back.

* We put an offer on a house on May 5th. The house is being sold short sale, which does not in fact mean “sell quickly” but rather “selling for less than what the owner owes on the house”. Short sales are renowned for taking FOREVER. We still have not heard whether our offer was accepted – tomorrow will make 1 month since the original offer. We are extremely worried about this trip affecting this house purchase negatively, especially since for 6 days Paul and I will be in two different states! We’re especially concerned about being gone from Atlanta during the 10 day period we have to do the house inspection/appraisals/etc. It will all work out if it’s meant to be, I suppose. You just know me, I’m a worry-wart. :-) I also feel bad if Paul has to handle all this by himself because I’m up in New England.

* Last Monday, I had my one-hour glucose test to see if I have gestational diabetes. I am excited to say that I passed!! No three-hour test for me, this time around! I took all the advice that was given to me via Facebook and had a nice protein-filled breakfast and a light lunch. Actually, I ended up having to skip lunch so I munched on baby carrots. (It wasn’t on purpose – we really didn’t have time to stop for lunch during our drive from Birmingham to Atlanta and still be on time for the doctor’s appointment.)

* I also found out from that blood test that I’m anemic. So the midwife put me on iron pills. I took one for the first time yesterday and it made a huge difference! I have been so drained, every single day. Simple things just completely wear me out, like carrying up groceries from the car. Yesterday I was tired as normal, but not quite so devoid of energy nor the typical dizziness/lightheadedness. My mom was anemic with all three of her pregnancies. I think it’s interesting that so far, my pregnancy has seemed very similar to hers.

* This weekend I officially enter my third trimester. Man, the second trimester flew by! I think I was cheated because I was sick for 5 weeks into my 2nd trimester. So I should get 5 more weeks of feeling good before the exhaustion and discomfort of 3rd trimester sets in, right? :-)

That’s about it for now! This will most likely be my last post for a long time, as I’ll be gone until June 14th. I’m looking forward to seeing so many of my favorite people!! :-D

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  1. I just had my GD test today and hopefully everything will be ok. I have been wondering for a while about anemia myself because I get so tired out with the simplest tasks. We’ll see what the blood work says.

    Have a great time and take care!

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