road trippin', 6 months pregnant

road trippin', 6 months pregnant

So I’m trying to fit all these things I want “to do before baby” into my summer. :-) I want to take all these trips and see people, but I think I’m going to have to pick and choose so I don’t wear myself out. We have gone camping once, and I am itching to go again before sleeping on a sleeping bag in a tent is no longer an option. :-) I hope to go a couple of times, but we’ll see.

We were able to go up to Asheville for Easter where my sister is and see her! She’s going to be doing a summer internship in a part of North Carolina that’s farther away from us, so we won’t really get to see her at all during the summer. I’m glad we were able to spend Easter with her. She wanted to take us to all these places, but unfortunately all the places she likes to go require hiking to get to. :-) I felt bad, but with no energy and needing to stay close to a bathroom and places to sit, hiking seemed out of the question. I think Amy forgave me, and we got to walk around a nearby creek and then we took her to Walmart because what else do college students without cars want to do when family comes to visit? :-)

Another upcoming trip is the Gerig reunion, in June! I’m excited about that. Then recently I decided I wanted to go up to New England to see Nichole, Becky, and Susan (and their respective babies). And my mother-in-law wants to throw me a baby shower. :-) But, I have to travel towards the beginning of June, and I’d rather do the Gerig reunion (the more stressful trip, namely because of the 10 hour drive) first.

So here is the option we’re playing around with right now. Us driving up to Indiana for the Gerig reunion. Then me flying from Indianapolis to New England, where I would spend several days with friends and go to Becky’s birthday party and to my baby shower, and then fly from New England back to Atlanta. Meanwhile, Paul will drive by himself after the Gerig reunion back to Atlanta and go to work, like a good husband. ;-)

Atlanta’s an expensive airport to fly in and out of. It’s actually cheaper for me to do it like that, than round trip from Atlanta. Also, it would save me from having to do the 10 hour Atlanta/Indiana drive twice! That appeals to me.

So. :-) Now is where YOU come in.

If I was to hang around Indy for a day or two, are there people who would like to entertain me? (Not that Indiana isn’t the most FUN place to be…!)

And, if I was to go to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut for a week, would there be people there who would like to entertain me? :-)

And, if I was to go all the way up to New England, I might as well hop down to New York City and catch Lauren Graham in “Guys and Dolls”. Anyone want to come with me for that? ;-)

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  1. I would TOTALLY meet you in NYC to see Lauren Graham on Broadway. When are you thinking you’d be there?! I’ll make a weekend of it! :)

  2. We’ll be staying with my parents and June is going to be hectic around there (I’m hijacking their home for Dan’s wedding preparations and Elijah’s baby dedication. Meanwhile I’m asking my mom to watch Elijah overnight so Micah and I can go away for our anniversary and she is planning a 50th birthday party celebration for my dad.) so it’s probably not your first choice, but if you need a place to stay, I’ll ask if we can have a house guest because I would not want to miss having you visit. :)

    Has Becky talked about a birthday party? She’s amazing, isn’t she? She is also planning Dan’s wedding which is just a few days afterward.

  3. Nichole: Oh, place to stay isn’t a problem – my in-laws are more than willing to provide a comfy bed for their future grandchild, and they don’t mind me either. ;-) But I DEFINITELY want to see you! I’ll be coming after Dan’s wedding. We’ll have to work out dates. I think I’ll rent a car to make transportation easier; we’ll make it work.

    Actually, I talked to Becky yesterday and it looks like she won’t be having a birthday party this year. Bummer! I have heard fabulous things about her parties and was looking forward to attending. ;-)

  4. Don’t forget uncle Mark and Dennis in Indy. I am sure both of them would be glad to see and host you. Of course there is aunt Laurie and uncle Dave too up in Marion. (for Ashley’s non-family friends, these people are her dad’s school friends and only have honorary aunt and uncle names.)

  5. Ok…this is just too crazy! Your sister lives sin Asheville?! Now I have to ask what Church she attends! :-)

  6. ahhh…we’re also outside of asheville…it’s a WONDERFUL place to live! I wouldn’t think of moving back to New England now LOL…you can’t beat the weather down here! I have yet to visit Atlanta (we don’t get out much being so busy with the kids) but I really want to explore SC and GA in the near future! Are there any aquariums in Atlanta? My husband REALLY wants to bring the kids to one….and of course, there’s not one close by here argh!

  7. prov31girl2be: Yeah we haven’t explored NC or SC much! We’ve actually seen a lot of Georgia just from camping, which is fun. We like visiting places we never would have seen if we hadn’t have camped there.

    And it’s funny that you ask about the aquarium. :-) They built the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta a few years ago, and it’s really amazing! It’s the world’s largest aquarium. I highly recommend a visit if you’re able to get down here!

  8. We’d love to entertain, but I am not sure what will be going on. I think my mother will be coming home right after the reunion, so we might be seeing her. Post again or remind us closer to the date and we’d be glad to entertain, especially if you come up to the greater Marion area :)

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