this and that

this and that

I keep opening up a “new post” intending to write, and then am completely blank as to what to write about. So I decided a bullet list of what’s on my mind recently would be better than no post at all. :-)

* I’m so very sleepy right now! I could NOT get out of bed this morning. I finally was able to force myself to get up at 10:50! Now I am trying to figure out what needs to be done before I pick up Paul from work and we head off to the Garrisons for dinner (yay!). Blogging, apparently, is on my to-do list. ;-)

* We downgraded our internet package to a cheaper rate. At first, the slow speed was driving me crazy. I was saying “this is worse than DSL!” and Paul was telling me that I have just been spoiled. I actually think part of the speed issues were my computer, because it wasn’t as bad after I turned off my computer for a bit. I also have gotten used to the slower speed. I can still watch streaming videos, so yay!

* Thanks to the encouragement of friends, we’ve been watching Nathan Fillion‘s new show on ABC called Castle. We like it! Check it out; you can catch up on full episodes on ABC’s website.

* We have been going back and forth about where to live. We’d love to get someplace bigger before the baby comes, but we don’t know where and we don’t know if we should rent or buy. We basically just don’t really know what we want, and what is the best option for us right now. Sigh.

* We registered for baby stuff this week. Mostly we walked through the store with the scan gun, scanning anything that looked cute to us. Hehe I decided afterwards that I need some sort of direction, so I emailed some friends who’ve had babies in the past year (or more) and asked their opinion. I got a lot of great advice! I also thought it was funny how one person told me that getting this one item was a waste of money, and another person told me she couldn’t live without it. :-) So I guess this means I need to go back through my registry and actually make it practical as well as cute.

* Tonight there’s an alumni dinner for my high school at a Peruvian restaurant here in Atlanta. We had other plans and can’t go, but I think it’s interesting that there’s enough of us in the area to warrant having a dinner! Perhaps Bob Barr will be there?

* I was planning on deliberating on names for Sparkleberry for the next 4 months, but it seems like we may have decided already. I’m not tellin’ what it is though! :-) That’s a secret. You’ll have to wait until August. Or September.

* I should get going to the store and buy some fruit for tonight! And something to eat for lunch. That would be good. The heartburn is killing me, as it often does when I’m hungry. (By the way, does anyone else find the taste of Tums nasty???)

5 thoughts on “this and that

  1. :) I like the bullet post. It’s fun. Now I’m gonna look at your registry. because baby stuff is cute and fun to look at. I had a feeling one person would tell you they couldn’t live with something that another person would tell you was a waste of money!! :) The only thing we couldn’t live without is diapers. So I recommend buying those. :)

  2. Wait, I’m confused. I was planning on litter-box training Sparkleberry. I mean, every cat I’ve had has been successfully trained like that… Aren’t babies just the same?

  3. Hey did you try your apple cider vinegar trick (or whatever it was?) to help your heartburn? I wonder if it would work.

  4. Kacie: Well to be honest, I haven’t been able to bring myself to drink more apple cider vinegar. :-p I will do it if I need to. So far, the Tums have been working. I also try drinking milk, eating yogurt, drinking water, even just eating period helps. I switched to a generic brand of Tums and I think they taste less nasty. :-)

  5. Thanks for the recipe! I may have already told you, but the Baby Bargains book was invaluable to me when figuring out how register. The reviews on Target and Babies R’ Us websites were really helpful too. Keep going back and updating periodically. Yeah, Tums are nasty . . . I liked the “Smoothies” kind.

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