update to the update

update to the update

I’m so original with my blog titles. Ha!

If you haven’t read my last blog post, go do so now.

I got my paycheck in today’s mail! Hooray! The mail carrier was still there and so I gave her an evil eye. I also saw another resident there who was saying that she isn’t getting all her mail either. I hope the mail carrier overhead us talking.

I forgot to say something else that was keeping my attention. We’ve had a lot of trouble with ants since we moved in. I won’t use poison because of the kitties, so I’ve been trying to research natural methods of getting rid of ants. So far, spraying vinegar has been the most effective. We still see them, but not in hoards like before. Oh, and they’re mostly in the bathroom and some in the living room… the kitchen is devoid of ants! Go figure.

I was looking at my Christmas cactus the other day and noticed tons and tons of ants all in the pot and around. My mom thinks I have a nest in the pot itself (since there were no other ants anywhere except right there). So I stuck the plant on the porch to get the ants out of the house. (It worked; haven’t seen any other ants in that spot.) But, I don’t know what to do. I have a feeling the Christmas cactuses are dead since the temps dropped to the 30s these past few nights. But otherwise I don’t really know what to do with the plants. Any ideas? Anyone want them? :-) I like the plants, but I don’t want the ants! And I don’t have the time or desire to figure out how to get an ants’ nest out of a potted plant. Plants are such a pain! You can’t make them look nice in your house because there isn’t enough light, the cats get into the dirt and pull off the leaves, and ants make nests in them! My mom likes to make me feel guilty for not having any live plants in my house, but I personally prefer to stick to animals. It’s harder to kill them! :-)

Oh and if you’re reading this via an RSS reader, click through and see my new template! It still needs some work but I like it. Hopefully it looks like it should on everyone’s computer.

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