the ants, the ants!

the ants, the ants!

The recent cold snap we’ve had has caused all the ants outside to come into our apartment. (I’m not kidding – I’m pretty sure all the ants in Atlanta are inside our place.) The first few attacked the bathroom a while ago, and now they’ve moved on to all other rooms except the bedroom. Yesterday marks them reaching the kitchen so now dirty dishes can’t be left.

I should take some pictures, but I’m feeling lazy right now. :-p So I’ll just send you here.

I’m getting so fed up right now. I’ve been avoiding using poison, because we have cats (and because I’d rather avoid using poison around us, too, if I can help it). But, it’s getting too much. I think I have an idea where they’re coming in (the big window in the living room), but not sure what to do about it? I was thinking of getting some caulking but Paul doesn’t seem to want to. I also have to be careful with anything that might be labeled as “damages” when we move out in a year or so. Going to the apartment complex is out of the question because their method for everything is poison.

Does anyone have ideas? “Safe” poisons? Natural methods that work? It isn’t about keeping the dishes clean – they seem to love stuff that isn’t food. For example, the BATHROOM is their favorite place to be. Oh boy, it’s a sink!! Oh and water doesn’t seem to deter them – they simply walk on top of the water. (We try to put water down to keep them out of the cats’ bowls and out of the plants.)

We have 2 weeks until we leave for California. We’ll be gone 10 days, and I don’t want to think of what ants can do in 10 days without anything stopping them. :-( So my goal will be trying to get them under control in the next two weeks. Sigh. I sooo do not have the energy to deal with this right now.

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