update on some other things

update on some other things

I have a lot on my mind these days. It’s hard to keep it all straight and sometimes I just want to give up. Life is like that… I can’t give up, I can’t cut things out… I just have to figure out a way to deal with them.

Our mail keeps getting stolen. I told you about the check that was stolen and used to make other fraudulent checks… No updates on that, BTW. We’re waiting on the bank currently to replace the money… we FINALLY got our debit cards so we have access to that money again. The bank has been not very helpful in this ordeal so we’re going to move our money somewhere else as soon as this is straightened out. (Hopefully my bank is not reading this right now! :-))

We’ve had at least two packages never arrive (something we ordered, and Christmas presents from the in-laws). On Saturday I realized that my paycheck never arrived on Friday, which is bad. (Note to self: go check the mail as soon as as I finish this.) We decided that we need to get a P.O. Box now. It’s ridiculous! I hate that I have to pay for a box when the post office isn’t doing their job and delivering the mail. (I think it’s the postmaster who’s stealing our stuff – we’ve had the locks changed on our mailbox here at the apartment so I am doubtful that it’s someone here.) The good news is that when we move again we won’t be changing our mailing address. (And everyone says “yay!”) But yeah – if you mailed me a letter or package and I never said anything to you about receiving it, could you send me an email? I’m trying to get an idea of how many occurrences this is happening. It seems that all the stuff that has been taken so far has obvious benefit for the thief from the outside packaging (versus something like a Christmas card).

Also on my mind is the need to purchase a new washer/dryer VERY soon. In December, our dryer broke and so we have been without one. We did a bunch of laundry at my parents’ house at Christmas, and we’re getting to the point where we need to do laundry again. I am dreading having to take it to the laundromat – our apartment costs $1.25 per load! But since my washer still works, it makes the most sense to wash the loads here and then take them downstairs to the apartment’s dryers. (I *could* try air-drying them but I don’t have any sort of rope or line, and laying wet clothes on the couch doesn’t appeal to me!)

I have been trying to decide what to get as far as washer/dryer, and I think I’ve picked out what I want. I just need to go get it… And then wait for delivery… It will be nice to get rid of our current washer/dryer! (It’s a stackable unit.) It served us well for the time but… yeah it’s time for a new one!

Okay I am going to go check the mail now. Praying for my paycheck to come.

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