pulling my leg

pulling my leg

This past weekend, our church had a “Worship Weekend” which is what we call it when the choir sings at all three services (Saturday evening, and both services on Sunday morning). It’s usually a lot of time spent at the church, and a late night practice the Thursday before. I enjoy the worship weekends, though it does kinda kill the weekend for me. But that’s okay.

One of the things we do a lot is stand around. We spend a lot of time up on the stage on risers and also standing around and waiting for our turn. On Saturday, my right leg started hurting. It was just pulsing – not muscle pain, not joint pain… It felt like it was my bone but of course I know logically that your bone can’t hurt.

It hurt worse on Sunday. In the later afternoon Paul and I wandered downtown. We finally decided to go back home, and discovered that our timing was unfortunate – the Falcons game had just gotten out and the train was packed. Literally! We had to stand the entire way (about 30-40 minutes). I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so packed! My leg was hurting pretty bad with all the standing.

Last night I was woken up 3 or 4 times during the night with the intense pain in my leg. The only relief I had was to get up and walk around. I got so frustrated because I was so tired and all I wanted to do was lay down!! But every time I lay down, the pain went shooting through my leg. It had now spread from the top of my foot all the way up to my lower back. Not good, I thought!

This morning I was actually concerned that it was serious – a blood clot or something. I paced the apartment and finally asked Paul if we could go to the doctor. We found an urgent care facility near us, and went this morning.

The diagnosis: a pinched leg nerve. She gave me a prescription for naproxen and told me that I needed physical therapy. She said that I would learn positions that would help my leg feel better. I made a physical therapy appointment for tomorrow morning, so I really hope it helps! Cuz if it doesn’t and the pain is still intense then I would have to have surgery. :-( Sometimes the pain goes away enough that I can move around and sit, and sometimes it’s so intense that I can’t think about much else. :-(

In other news, I’m kinda glad I’m not working today! It would be difficult to have to sit all day, since being still and sitting makes the pain greater. Oh and I’m glad it’s not a blood clot. :-)

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