back online

back online

I’m back!

Betcha didn’t know I was gone, huh?

I’ve actually been without internet for the past few days. Originally it was going to take a week to fix, but Paul and I saw one of the service technicians around our complex today and we sweet-talked him into fixing our internet. It took him less than 2 minutes. Don’t even get me started on the ineptitude of our cable company. I’d say to all of you don’t choose DirecPath, but in actuality anyone who has to go with them probably doesn’t get a choice since they service apartment complexes.

So we are in the process of trying to find a new ISP. Any other cable company is out of the question because DirecPath has a contract with our complex which keeps out any other cable company. Dial-up is also out of the question, which only leaves DSL. I’ve had good experience with BellSouth/AT&T internet in the past, so I guess that’s the way we’ll have to go. Their customer service is terrible, but at least I never had to call them – in two years I never once had the internet go out.

The thing that is making me hesitate is that I really, really enjoy having the cable tv. We can’t get TV otherwise, and we prefer to watch TV shows not on the computer. (We like cuddling on our comfy couches and watching our new TV.) I’m trying to decide what I want more: reliable, consistent internet or cable tv?

Are there any other internet options that I’m missing?

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