and she's back again

and she's back again

Oops I didn’t mean to disappear again. :-) A lot has been happening! I decided to do the boring list format to catch y’all up, so bear with me!

* We joined our church. We had to take a few preparation classes and then meet with the elders, where we talked a little and shared our testimonies. We are excited about this step, though we’re a bit sad that ties with our old church are officially cut! Our new church is really big on people being involved, and not simply showing up to Sunday morning service. They encouraged both of us to get involved in discipleship, which is a small group of same-gender people where you study God’s word and provide some sort of accountability for each other. Most of these groups meet during the schoolyear only, so we’ll probably get more involved in that in September. Paul has already hooked up with a group that he’ll probably join in September, and I’m very excited for him!

* I have joined our church’s choir. As you know, I sang in our last church’s choir and loved it. I am not the best singer, and certainly not a soloist, but I enjoy music and the fellowship. I went to my first meeting last Thursday, and look forward to practices every week and worship weekends once a month or so. It’s going to be quite challenging as I will have to sing at all three services on worship weekends! Random fact: One of the girls in the choir I knew from my middle school youth group when we were on furlough in another part of Atlanta in 1996. I doubt she remembers me, but I’ll still introduce myself to her next week. It’s a small world!

* I bought myself a Blackberry Curve with the money I’ve earned from my other blog. It’s pretty snazzy! I’m still trying to figure it all out; I think it’s complicated. :-) Let me say, though, that getting Google maps on there is the coolest thing evah. I can triangulate my position with the cell towers if I’m lost… Yes!

* We haven’t decided what to do about our internet yet. We are torn; it’s a tough decision.

* Here is a picture of me and some of my coworkers. We’re a fun bunch.

* I have lost 5.2 lbs. Yay for me!

* We went camping last weekend at General Coffee State Park. We met Sopeak and Zay there, who had been in Florida visiting Joanna. We had a WONDERFUL time despite the bugs. ;-) I hope to post more about that later. I need to get my pictures off my camera first…

* Sopeak and Zay came and stayed with us for a few nights after we camped. Sopeak had never been to Atlanta, so they spent Monday seeing the sights. I loved having them here, and they were very lucky that our apartment was clean! ;-) I should be on the ball and keep the apartment clean more often in case we have other unexpected yet thoroughly enjoyed visitors.

* While Paul and Sopeak & Zay went downtown yesterday, I had to go to work. It was soo hard to drag myself out of bed that morning. I got to work and I think the tiredness of the weekend combined with a bad cold that I developed took its toll. I got a horrible migraine, had to come home and lay moaning in bed until about 7pm when (after losing my lunch) I felt better enough to walk around. I hated that I had to miss a day of work after only having 28 hours last week, and I hated that I couldn’t even be with our friends! But I’m okay now and looking forward to a nice long sleep tonight. The cold seems to be about gone, which is yay!

* I want to watch some Gilmore Girls now. Good bye. :-)

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