Oregon Trail: bloggy edition

Oregon Trail: bloggy edition

So Joanna sent me a link a week or so ago to a blog that posed a fun question:

Who would you pick (from the blogging world) to be your four wagon-mates on the Oregon Trail?

I was a huge fan of the game when I was growing up, playing especially with Beth for hours and hours on end. (Surprisingly, I never actually owned it, though it was on my Christmas list for many years!) This looked like a lot of fun, so I thought I’d join in. Feel free to play along on your own blog. :-)

Four blog friends I’d want in my wagon train:
1. Beth It’s always good to have someone along who knows you inside and out and still likes you, right? :-) Besides, we have so much practice playing this game together that we’re better together than apart! I’ll assume Beth knows how to handle the wide open prairies since she lives in Texas. She can be in charge of hunting. And we need to give Taylor a chance to make it to the end! (Okay, inside joke, sorry y’all! :-) Taylor was one person we always included in our wagon train, and she always ALWAYS died! We think the name was cursed!)

2. Susan Okay, who else is the perfect person to have along on a trip in the 1800s than Susan? I’m sure I would be a fish out of water, but she’ll fit right in and teach me how to survive in a bumpy wagon without electricity. Her sewing skills will come in handy, I’m sure, especially as our clothes need patched up. She’s so smart, too, that she’ll keep the rest of us well educated when we’re tempted to go crazy in the Wild Wild West. And when we need bedtime stories, we can just mention the number 144 and let her take it from there. ;-) Just kidding, Susan. We love you!

3. Kacie You’re only given so much money at the beginning of the trip, and I would want to bring someone along who will make sure we don’t overspend and we get good bargains for it all. Kacie seems like the best person for the job. She’s smart, and that’s definitely a good thing to be when you’re settling a new frontier. We’ll have to let her have her hand at guiding the wagon down the river at the end – I always seemed to mess that part up!

4. Joanna I can’t cook in my modern kitchen, so I’m sure I’d be a total doofus over a campfire on the trail. Joanna seems like the perfect person to have along to make sure we all get fed. I’ll let her figure out what to do with the buffalo that Beth shot. And, she’s pretty resourceful and frugal, so she and Kacie will make a good team. She can also take care of the oxen because I know she likes dogs, and those are almost the same, right? I’ll let her bring Casey and he can walk along behind the wagon like Jack in Little House on the Prairie.

(Um, I just realized that 3 of the 4 people I picked are pregnant right now. Hehe)

Okay that was a fun little game and I apologize to anyone I left out of my wagon! (But seriously, folks, wouldn’t you rather fly to Oregon than ride along in a bumpy wagon?) Y’all should play along with your own wagon! We’ll have a blast. It’s much for fun to circle your wagons when raids come when you have, you know, more than one wagon. ;-) So join us on the trail! Who’s coming with you?

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