I can't sleep

I can't sleep

It’s 3:15am and my alarm will be going off in exactly 3 hours, reminding me that it’s time to get up and go to work. I have to go to work tomorrow, but I’m seriously wondering if I’m going to last all day!

But, I’ve found that stressing about not being able to sleep only makes the problem worse. So I am going to pass the time by posting some pictures! Cuz y’all aren’t sick of picture posts yet, are you?

By the way, I upload pics to my Flickr all the time, just FYI.

The other day I cleaned our bedroom, which happens like once every six months, and I decided to take advantage and snap some pictures. I still haven’t cleaned the living/dining room yet, but I want to do that soon so I can take pictures of it with our new paint job and pictures hung! In the meantime, here is our bedroom:

Here is our bed and the window. Note that “clean” includes cat toys all over the floor. :-) I love our bedroom set, and I really wanted to get a second matching nightstand but the store where we bought it from has since gone out of business. Oh well! It doesn’t surprise me, really. When we went to buy it a few years ago, the salesperson said, “Oh wow! We didn’t think anyone would buy that set, but look, someone did!” I was like, um, what are you saying about us?? It made me feel really awkward and almost ashamed that I was buying that set. I really love it though, so it’s all good.

We also had another salesperson experience at a mattress shop shortly after we were married (I’m telling stories now because I’m still not sleepy). We walked into a store and found a mattress we had really liked. The salesperson was really excited, but then we said that we wanted to think about it and we’d come back the next day. He could see the sale slipping through his fingers and became really pushy, and even told us that we’d better take a picture of it because we wouldn’t be seeing it again, it was such a hot item. I got mad at him, and we walked out, never to return. It’s funny because just a few weeks before I had gone through a personalities workshop at work, and we talked about the different ways to sell to people. Some people just want the bare facts and they’ll make a decision based on gut instinct. Other people have to have all the details, and they want to think about it before making a decision. As a salesperson, you have to read your client to understand them or you might lose the sale by trying the wrong tactic. I fall somewhere in the middle, but closer to the “thinking” side, and I realized that Paul falls extremely in the thinking side. Realizing this has helped me because if I want him to make a decision on something, I need to present him all the info, then leave him alone until he’s ready to decide. Anyways, obviously the salesperson didn’t know all this, because he lost not only a sale but a customer. We got our mattress elsewhere and have been very happy.

Back to my bedroom. Here’s the other side:


We obviously haven’t done much work to it. We have lots of posters we want to hang around the walls, and the bookcases are leaning precariously away from the walls. I really need to find some wood or something to prop them up. That doorway goes to our bathroom – which doesn’t have a door. Even the part to the toilet/shower has a door, but no way to shut the door (if that makes sense – it’s just the door part, no latch). I just think that’s weird, but there are a lot of weird things about this apartment.

Well here I am at the end of the pictures and I’m still not tired. Darn. Well, I’m going to find some more internet sites to waste my time on. If you think of it tomorrow (or rather, later on today), send up a prayer that I’m not too tired at work. :-)

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