fat ashley, fit ashley

fat ashley, fit ashley

Our internet is back! Yay!

It’s been over three years since I graduated from college, and I have been steadily gaining weight since then. I blame my lack of exercise and my lack of eating right. When my wedding rolled around summer of 2006, the dress I had bought two years earlier didn’t fit anymore. Fortunately, a seamstress friend was able to let it out and I was saved from having to get another dress. However, even if my clothes fit, they still don’t hide the rolls.

In reality, my stomach has borne the brunt of the weight gain. I forget about it until I see pictures of myself and then I’m disgusted with my pudginess. But I’m also lazy, and I don’t want to exercise. I also like my yummy foods a little too much! Paul has been encouraging me to do something to get myself healthier. Finally, he told me he wanted me to join a gym. Why, I said, when I can go to the fitness center at our apartment complex for free? Because, he answered, you don’t go. It’s true. I don’t like treadmills (which is all our apartment complex has, in addition to weight machines), and I am horrible at self motivation. HORRIBLE.

My friend joined a gym nearby recently. As part of an incentive program, she had to give them the names of three friends who might be interested and then they contacted me. Since I was interested, I decided to go in for the free consultation. Paul was excited to see me doing something. Even though it’s kind of expensive, he told me to go for it.

I went in yesterday and talked to the woman who works there. It’s not really a gym – it’s Curves, which is a workout place for women. It’s really social (which I like) and laid-back (yeah I’m not training for a triatholon here!), yet it’s a good workout. They also put a lot of focus on weight loss and being “fit”. The manager took all my measurements, my weight, BMI, etc. and then sat with me and gave me some goals. She wants me to lose 30 lbs. and 20 inches overall around my body. Yikes! That will put me down to a healthy body fitness and I will feel better. She also gave me a recipe book and encouraged me to lay off the fast food and eat healthier. (I know, I know!)

Tomorrow is my first training session with her – I have three total. We’ll see how it goes! My goal is to really work hard and get my weight down this summer, so maybe by the Gerig Reunion (which is in August and not June, sorry for all the confusing date changes) I will be back to fitting into my clothes! :-) I’m excited, to say the least. I’m really hoping that since I am paying for it, I will be more likely to use it.

Has anyone tried Curves? Please don’t tell me horror stories right now, I need to get back on track with exercising and I’m motivated right now!! ;-) Encouragement is welcome!

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