my name is Ashley and I'm an internetaholic

my name is Ashley and I'm an internetaholic

So just HOW addicted to the internet has become more apparent in the past few days. Our wonderfully incompetent cable company decided to do some “upgrades” to the cable internet, which has brought our internet down. They of course are “confused” why we’re not getting internet, so they’re sending someone out tomorrow to come fix it hopefully. Right now, I am at the library taking advantage of our county’s free WiFi – hooray!

Let’s just say that not having internet put me in a VERY bad mood today. It was one of those days that I just got frustrated with every little thing, starting with the internet. Some people don’t understand why I feel cut off from the outside world, but I’ve decided I’m too addicted to the internet. How do I find out the hours to a store? How do I check our family calendar to see if we’re busy that day? How do I look up little bits of information that make my life that much more interesting?

Today was also the day I decided to get really depressed about the upcoming elections, and my fears about what the next four to eight years might bring. Also coupled with this was paying WAAY too much money in taxes (almost $2k in addition to everything we had taken out of our paychecks), and the realization that raising taxes seems to be one thing that those in the White House love to do.

So now that I’m finally on unfiltered internet, I’m not sure what to say! I haven’t been blogging much recently, and for that I apologize. Wow, like a week and a half without a real post! I’ve just been busy, you know, with working and watching HGTV. ;-) I also feel like everything is the same-old-same-old. We go to work, we come home, we hem and haw about dinner until we find anything (ice cream will do) or run to the store, I make promises (which I never keep) to go grocery shopping on Saturday, we watch TV or play on the computer or just sit and talk, and then we go to bed. That about sums up our lives. :-) I’ve decided not to write about any details about where I work on what I do on this blog, and since working takes up a good part of my day I feel that there isn’t much left to say. Oh well.

I’m sure this is just a phase. :-)

Oh and I’ve been reading a lot. I just finished Little Women and I’d forgotten how much I love that book! I’ve been keeping my booklist updated so check it out if you’re curious.

Okay as beautiful and warm as it is out here by the library, the sun is setting and it’s slightly chilly. So I’m going to finish up my email (oh! beautiful unfiltered internet! getting to go to any page I want without huge stop signs blocking my way!) and get out of here. Ta-ta for now!

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