what's new around here

what's new around here

I apologize… Try as I might it is SO hard not to post about “baby”! It truly is the biggest thing on my mind right now. And I am VERY aware of her presence pretty much all the time.

* Last night I was laying in bed and I had my hand on my tummy, as I often lay. I suddenly felt a movement go up my abdomen, and it was very definitely a little hand or a little foot! I usually can’t feel it that clearly, so it made me happy.

* This past week seemed to be a lot of firsts for me. I feel like it’s the first week I truly felt uncomfortable all day with the extra weight and pressure.

* My fingers and feet have started to swell. I had to take off my wedding rings and that made me terribly sad. I want to get another cheapie band to wear in the meantime, but I’m having a hard time finding one (thanks to my sensitive skin that doesn’t tolerate metal). Fortunately, it is summer so I’m still able to wear most of my sandals.

* Heartburn has gotten worse. Milk is my friend. I try to avoid taking Tums, opting for a glass of milk and some yogurt first. If I need to I sleep on two pillows, but that gives me a headache so I try to avoid it.

* I’m starting to get some stretch marks. Dang! I was getting too cocky and thinking I was going to completely avoid them. Actually, I can’t see them as they are on the underside of my tummy – I just see them in the mirror.

* I’m hot all the time. Even when it’s not hot outside, I still feel hot. I also have been getting these weird things like “hot flashes” where I suddenly get very very warm in my face and neck, and I feel like I’m burning up as if the sun is beating straight down on my body. My relief is a cool washcloth and laying down in bed with the fan pointed directly at me. I downloaded some free games to my iPod Touch and I spend a lot of time in bed.

* I’m sure I will have more to say later. I’m going to bed for now.

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  1. I know! It is so hard to NOT post about baby and then I feel my non-mom readers would be bored to death. My fingers have swelled too, but I can still wear my wedding and engagement rings because they were loose to begin with! Now it is a snug fit.

    You didn’t mention the tiredness! I am tired most of the time. I rest a lot these days. I can’t wait until next Wednesday when my parents get here. What a blessed relief that would be!

  2. You’re right, I completely forgot to mention the tiredness! I am so drained of energy. Things like going grocery shopping just completely take all the energy away from me.

  3. Don’t feel bad for posting about baby things! You and your daughter will love reading these posts down the road!

    I can certainly sympathize with your heartburn and hot flashes.

    I had 3 crazy hot flashes while pregnant. I went outside where it was maybe 15 degrees to cool off.

    I felt dizzy and weird.

    I think my blood sugar was low, because when I ate something I started to feel better.

    Do you have an exercise ball to sit on? Loved that!

    Being pregnant is so weird!!

  4. Kacie: I don’t think going outside would help anything as far as cooling off goes. ;-) The advantages of a December baby! :-)

    I did recently get an exercise ball! I like to sit on it, but Paul loves it and claims it more often. Pregnancy IS weird. All the changes in your body… everything is different and I’m always wondering “Was it like this before…? Will it go away after…?”. :-p :-)

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