hmm maybe HGTV isn't that good for me…

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I really like that channel. It’s the next best thing to Animal Planet (which I don’t have). I also find myself interested in the History channel…

I’ve been watching a lot of shows about people buying houses. There are different takes: one shows a couple looking at different houses and then choosing one (which one is it going to be? oh the mystery!). Another is the same except the homes outside the US – I find this interesting to see the different house styles in other countries! Another is where they go into different homes and tell the owners what their home is worth (usually so the owner can decide if they should move or upgrade). And of course there are a few shows where they help people sell their houses.

This, coupled with the fact that it seems that EVERYONE in our newlyweds Sunday School class is either buying a house or already has bought one, is making me antsy about our apartment. The problem is, we’re not in a place to move right now, and we probably won’t for a year and a half or more. I think Paul doesn’t understand my desire to “settle”, and I know I need to be patient. (You don’t need to tell me all the disadvantages of owning a house. I know them all. It’s like married people trying to comfort/encourage single people by listing all the bad things about being married. It really doesn’t help!)

Paul decided to help me feel more “at home” here by letting me paint. Yay! I painted the dining room a while ago, and I decided to paint the living room and the hall. I picked a neutral color – I just wanted something to contrast the white window sills and doors – and this weekend we finally finished! I am so excited. Another thing we did was FINALLY buy new living room furniture! I have been complaining about our furniture for a while now, and so we started putting aside money for new couches. A few weeks ago we found a set we really liked in our budget, and this weekend we went out and bought it. They delivered it yesterday and I’m so excited. (We didn’t end up going with the Ikea couches I mentioned earlier that I liked – we actually found some cheaper at a local store.)

My coworker asked me if we won the lottery, because of the new furniture and paint. So I apologize if I sound like I’m bragging. I’m very grateful to be at a time in our life right now where we can do these things – and already I can tell that the paint is having a positive effect on making my apartment seem more homey and less “white white everywhere”. I am excited to get some things on the walls and really make it feel more like I’m planning to stay.

I know what you’re thinking – where are pictures??? None yet – I will take some when I get the chance. :-) I’d like to hang the pictures first. My goal for that is May 1st, when my parents come to visit. I will take pictures by then no matter what!