a graphic designer's nightmare

a graphic designer's nightmare

This is an actual dream I had a few nights ago.

I was designing a flyer or something for someone. I was working on the computer, getting all the text and the pictures to look nice. At one point, I left the computer to go do something. When I came back, one of my former coworkers (also a graphic designer) was sitting at the computer. She said, “I messed with the fonts and stuff to make it look nicer!” She was very proud of herself.

I checked the computer screen and lo and behold, the entire piece was in COMIC SANS.

My heart skipped a beat. I was horrified! I said, “This looks terrible! How could you change it all to Comic Sans? And you’re a designer!” (I’m really not this mean in real life.)

I angrily sat at the computer and fixed the flyer. Hehehe

So lesson to you all: don’t mess with my fonts. ;-)

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