american consumerism in a nutshell

american consumerism in a nutshell

Recently I saw this commercial on TV for a cell phone company:

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I entitle this: “American consumerism in a nutshell”. If you can’t see the video, here is the scene: Two children are lounging in the living room, reading magazines. Their father comes in and informs them that he has taken advantage of a new cell plan and now they can do all sorts of stuff (text and pics) with their phones. The kids tell their dad that they do that anyways, and the dad responds, “Yeah but now we can afford for Mom to quit her second job”.

I understand that you can’t read too much into a commercial. However, I think this scene is all too familiar these days. We have placed such a value on material things that we make sacrifices to get them. Unfortunately, often family time is one of the first things to go. We work multiple jobs in order to afford what we think is “necessary”. In the end, what really matters?

I won’t even say anything about how the kids really don’t care about the financial situation of their family, or that they’re just lounging around… ;-)

I know this is a constant struggle for me. I like things and I find myself going after what I want even if it’s not the wisest decision. I hope I can remember this lesson in my years ahead, especially once we have children and I am tempted to take another job to pay for “extras” for them.

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