home again, home again, jiggity jig

home again, home again, jiggity jig

So Paul and I are now home from Orlando, all in one piece. It’s nice to be home, though my body is protesting the coldness! It was fairly warm in Florida until yesterday, so I haven’t adjusted yet.

I didn’t do much blog-reading while I was gone, so I had fun this evening trying to catch up. I recently took all the blogs out of my Google Reader and have been checking them through bookmarks on my computer in my apartment. This method seems to have worked better for me, since I found myself feeling overwhelmed by the need to read EVERY. SINGLE. POST. that would hit Google Reader. Since I still like displaying blogs on my sidebar, I have started saving favorite blog posts to my del.icio.us account, which then shows up in the sidebar. (See?) Check them out – I update them regularly, and I try to include links I think others would be interested in.

Anyways, all that to say I checked a blog that had laid untouched since the beginning of April. I had grown very concerned about the author, worried that something had happened because of her sudden absence. I had even started trying to figure out if I could locate her somehow, and find out if she’s okay. Well, today I discovered that she blogged!! No explanation, just an apology, but I am just SO excited to hear from her! I just hope she doesn’t disappear again. :-)

Wedding pictures from my brother’s wedding to come, all blue and orange.

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