Last Saturday was the wedding of my dear friend Susan to her beloved, Adrian. I enjoyed it immensely, and I don’t have much to say but I will share the long awaited pictures!! You can see all of them in the album here.

The bride and her father, walking down the aisle

Dr. and Mrs. Keister

Oooh they’re kissing!!!

Hannah was a lovely maid of honor. Susan made Hannah’s dress, as well as her own wedding gown. I thought they looked beautiful and complemented each other well!

Me with the happy couple

First dance… they did really well! They must have practiced. :-)

Susan throwing the bouquet!

It took a little bit longer to get the attention of the guys to come for the garter toss…

Goodbye! Good luck! Have a happy honeymoon!

(Don’t forget to go to my album for more pictures.)

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