blogging sabbatical: UPDATED

blogging sabbatical: UPDATED

My to-do-list is very long, both at home and at work. My shoulders feel burdened. I need to start clearing my plate.

Unfortunately, it only makes sense for me to take a (short) break from blogging. I think I might take a break from blogs altogether… I spend a lot of time reading blogs, mentally responding to them, thinking about how I should comment, and then feeling guilty because I didn’t comment. I’ll still be blogging over at Two Kitties and a Puppy, so be sure to go check that out over there.

A lot of things have been happening here… I can’t share all of them because I need to inform the appropriate people first. Feel free to email me or IM me if you’re missing me. :-)

UPDATED: Okay I keep getting emails. No, I am not pregnant. :-) My “a lot of things have been happening” isn’t really big news, don’t get excited. I can share them privately, I just can’t share them in a public forum because of some of the people involved. I will share it shortly very shortly. :-) For now, though, I’m concentrating getting the things I need to do done.

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