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A LOT has been going on recently, so I’ll be posting them in separate posts as not to overwhelm you too much. ;-) First, a happy birthday today to Andréa, my best friend from high school.

Last week, I was able to snag some tickets from one of my coworkers. It was for the show “Stomp!” at the Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta. The show was on Sunday, so as soon as we finished church we headed down. Stomp is a garage band that make music solely through beats and rhythm, and using their hands and/or items typically found in a garage (garbage cans, brooms, boxes, even sand).
It was amazing. I was quite enthralled by not only the fact that they were able to keep the beat and rhythm without official instruments, but that they were able to make it visually interesting as well! That has got to take some amazing coordination and lots and lots of practice. Sometimes they would toss each other the props they were using, and they managed to catch it and continue on with the “song” without missing a beat. It was so cool – I highly recommend going if Stomp comes to your area!

After the show, Paul and I went to the Varsity for lunch. That was fun – we enjoyed being together (of course, he is my favorite person in the world, after all). We were going to go to a concert at our church that night, but we decided with all the running around we just were too tired.


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Last Saturday was the wedding of my dear friend Susan to her beloved, Adrian. I enjoyed it immensely, and I don’t have much to say but I will share the long awaited pictures!! You can see all of them in the album here.

The bride and her father, walking down the aisle

Dr. and Mrs. Keister

Oooh they’re kissing!!!

Hannah was a lovely maid of honor. Susan made Hannah’s dress, as well as her own wedding gown. I thought they looked beautiful and complemented each other well!

Me with the happy couple

First dance… they did really well! They must have practiced. :-)

Susan throwing the bouquet!

It took a little bit longer to get the attention of the guys to come for the garter toss…

Goodbye! Good luck! Have a happy honeymoon!

(Don’t forget to go to my album for more pictures.)

blogging sabbatical: UPDATED

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My to-do-list is very long, both at home and at work. My shoulders feel burdened. I need to start clearing my plate.

Unfortunately, it only makes sense for me to take a (short) break from blogging. I think I might take a break from blogs altogether… I spend a lot of time reading blogs, mentally responding to them, thinking about how I should comment, and then feeling guilty because I didn’t comment. I’ll still be blogging over at Two Kitties and a Puppy, so be sure to go check that out over there.

A lot of things have been happening here… I can’t share all of them because I need to inform the appropriate people first. Feel free to email me or IM me if you’re missing me. :-)

UPDATED: Okay I keep getting emails. No, I am not pregnant. :-) My “a lot of things have been happening” isn’t really big news, don’t get excited. I can share them privately, I just can’t share them in a public forum because of some of the people involved. I will share it shortly very shortly. :-) For now, though, I’m concentrating getting the things I need to do done.

Carnival of Beauty: The Beauty of Autumn

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This week the carnival of beauty is on the beauty of autumn.

Be sure to check out “The Beauty of Autumn” over at A Dusty Frame for her thoughts and plans for the season.

Also, don’t miss “The Importance of Pumpkins” at The Natural Mommy with a fun story about what fall (er, pumpkins) means to Beth.

I’m cheating again; my post is below.

Next week’s topic is “The Beauty of Discipline”, and is being hosted by Blair at Scribblings by Blair. For more specifics about what the Carnival of Beauty is all about, go to the CoB page here. You can also join the Google Group where you can get updates and announcements about the CoB.


I must admit it’s been really difficult for me to write about the Beauty of Autumn right now. I see all these posts popping up about the anticipation (or lack thereof) of fall… I have been designing fall ads for months now, but I still feel like it’s summer! I am glad that the humidity has dropped, as well as the temperature – we’re hovering around the mid to high 80s now and that’s been a nice relief.

I do love a lot of things about fall. I love being able to open the windows and let the house breathe some. I love taking long walks with my husband and dog. I love the changing season. When I was growing up in Peru, we had 2 seasons: cloudy (winter), and not cloudy (summer). I remember driving out to my friend’s house in the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania for fall break my freshman year of college. I was amazed at the beautiful colors! (I was also head over heels for this guy named Paul, and I was quite distracted by that. ;-)) Last year we headed up to New England in October to see the leaves – breathtaking! My favorite was when were going to visit Nichole, and we were passing all the beautiful trees, and we rounded a bend and could see the ocean! There were white boats on the dark blue water, with beautiful red and orange and golden trees… I can definitely see why New England is known for their beautiful foliage. :-)

I am looking forward to cinnamon smells and hot apple cider. We’ll get a pumpkin for our entryway and maybe we’ll carve it this year! I might (but probably won’t) do some baking, spice bread and pumpkin pie. The best part of fall: it ends with holidays! I love Christmas, and Thanksgiving is good too. I love the anticipation (which, for some reason, I never really outgrew!). Fall is a pleasant reminder of the beauty of God’s earth, and a last brilliant “hurrah!” before the earth sleeps for winter. Then there’s spring…

I think I just like seasons. :-)

another special birthday girl!

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Today is the birthday of a very dear friend of mine, Joanna! (No not that Joanna… this Joanna) In celebration of this Extra Special Day, I am going to compose a poem:

J is for joy, for you always have a smile

O is for open-arms, you go the extra mile

A is for attractive, you’re beautiful inside and out

N is for nonsensical, you love to joke without a doubt

N is for nurturer, and an excellent teacher

A is for amazing, that’s your best feature!