gym and swim, part 2

gym and swim, part 2

Yesterday was our third gym & swim lesson. It’s gotten less chaotic since the first day, but not quite what I was envisioning. The gymnastics portion had 9 kids last week, and only 7 today. I feel like 7 is a much better number! I don’t see how you could expect an instructor to handle more than that. Savannah really seems to enjoy the gymnastics portion.

The swimming however – not so much. Last week, she abruptly started crying about halfway through. I ended up getting her and we left early. We never figured out why she was crying.

Then today she started crying almost immediately. It’s so weird – she is very excited about swimming beforehand, and willingly goes to the pool and sits on the side, but then starts crying wanting to go home. The instructor suggested I not let her see me, so I sat in the shadows. I was not sure if she could see me and I didn’t want to run the risk, so I just peeked at her every so often. When I went to get her when she was done, the instructor said she did okay and that afterward he talked to her about next time.

Anyway I’m disappointed… I don’t know why she’s responding like this, and I wonder if it was too much to do both at once. Well now I know for next time. :-)

Next week I’m going to remember to wear appropriate footwear so I can get my workout in while she’s in swimming. :-)

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