So I took a two-hour nap this afternoon and it felt wonderful. The reason why I feel this information is blog-worthy is because I never take naps. To me, a nap is an indication that I’m sick (or I never went to bed the night before… ah the good ole college days…). I think today’s nap is an indication that I’m sleep-deprived. I need to start getting over to Ann’s house earlier so we can have a nice conversation and I can get in bed at a reasonable hour. I haven’t gone to bed before 1 am in a while, which is a reasonable hour to me, but not when one gets up at 7:30 am! So my goal is to be in bed around midnight, which will hopefully make it a little easier to get up at 7:30 and stop this pattern of lateness to work.

In other news, the banquet on Saturday went well. Next Sunday I plan on posting the speech I gave. I had a lot of people come up and compliment me, which is encouraging. I was afraid I was boring. I hope a few people’s eyes were opened to the global impact of missionaries and how much God is doing in other countries. I really like my church, but it pains me that they don’t give missions much thought. Part of the problem, in my opinion, is that the ARP has its own mission organization, and their missionaries are paid a salary by the denomination – instead of raising support, like they do in Wycliffe (and other missions). While I don’t find the former “wrong”, I do see how you miss out on personal interaction and involvement. But that is a blog post for another day. :-)

This weekend was actually pretty busy. Besides the banquet on Saturday, we printed our wedding invitations on my office printer. Therefore, we had to have everything that goes with the invitations finalized. That meant we had to line up the hotel for out-of-town guests (which I’m very excited about! We visited the hotel and it’s very nice… I wish I was staying there :-)), finalize the RSVP-by date with the caterers, and make sure that 2:00 is indeed the time we want to start the wedding. I very carefully made a map of how to get to our church by taking a screen capture of Google Maps and carefully tracing the important roads in Adobe Illustrator. I couldn’t just draw a straight line for a road that’s curvy, could I? Ah, I’m silly I know.

Well it’s now 10pm and I think Paul wants dinner. He is hard at work finishing up his freelance stuff before he starts work on Tuesday. Poor guy… can’t even relax his last day of “vacation”! Neither of us are hungry and I’m not the person who is motivated enough to cook when we’re not hungry (I’m going to make an awful mother). But we better eat soon so I can make my desired 10:45 leaving time. Ta-ta for now.

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