well that was fun

well that was fun

I am exhausted, y’all. But happy.

We both had a really, really good time. We got to the campground around 7pm on Saturday night – about an hour and a half later than we should have thanks to construction on I-75 and a wrong turn (lesson learned: Google maps sometimes gives you the wrong directions). Jera did extremely well in the car – she slept the entire time and we kept forgetting she was even there! I hope this means she will be a good car traveller.

The campsite was really, really pretty. The tent-only sites were so private – and they will be even moreso when the leaves grow in fully! We selected our campsite, excited because it had a little footbridge over a brook. We unpacked and set up the tent, as well as the rest of the site. I was so excited to set up “house”! I thought that was tons of fun.

Shortly after we finished setting up, it got dark so we set about making dinner. Unfortunately, we had unknowingly hooked up the grill wrong and so ended up having to make-do for dinner eating cold baked beans and graham crackers. We went to bed early, with Jera curled up on our sleeping bags.

Sunday morning I woke up around 7:30 when Jera woke up. She was actually as cute as she was annoying, because she crawled onto my chest and peeked over the edge of the sleeping bag at me. I took her out, and then tried to give her breakfast but she wasn’t very interested. I tried to lay down again but Jera was not going to settle down and I finally gave up, got dressed, and went outside. I began pulling the breakfast stuff out, and Paul decided to try the grill again – yay it worked! We don’t know what we had done wrong the previous night but oh well. We had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.

After breakfast we went hiking in Cloudland Canyon. We hiked down to the falls, which were beautiful. Jera LOVED the hike! She had no qualms about the water or jumping on rocks or anything. We got back to the campsite around 1pm and were complete exhausted. I crawled in the tent and Jera and I slept for an hour. It was delicious. The weather was beautiful – sunny, but breezy. All around I could see trees and hear birds, and it was so relaxing and lovely.

After lunch, we took a walk around the campsites – we were one of the only people there, since most of the weekend campers had left already. (Since there was a two night minimum, we had to reserve Sunday night as well. At first I was annoyed, but now I’m glad we got the chance to hang around on Sunday instead of having to pack up in the morning.)

We packed up, left, and got home around 8:30pm. We were so tired, but we had such a great trip! We look forward to many more camping trips this spring, summer, and fall. Check out my Facebook album for pictures! (That photo album is public, so you don’t have to be on Facebook to see it.)

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