I was really saddened to read this.

It kinda surprised me, too, because I thought the show was interesting and gripping. I guess not many others agreed! It reminds me a little of this, especially since the lead actor is the same. It seems like Fox likes to pull shows before they have the chance to reach their potential…

Oh well, not the end of the world, I know. It’s just like reading the first two chapters of a book, and then never being able to finish! I am so curious about the mysteries that will never be explained. What was in the safety deposit box? Will Sean be okay? What’s going to happen to Rob & Ellie? Why is Corinna in the race? What is Wendy running from? Will Lee be able to make it hitchhiking? Why do “they” want certain people in the race so badly that loved ones are kidnapped? Who is going to win, and what is going to happen to the people who don’t win?

In more serious and important news, today is the one-year anniversary of Laura, Betsy, Brad, Laurel, and Monica’s departure from this world. I watched the chapel service from yesterday and really appreciated it – especially what Don VanRyn had to say. How God can work through tragedies! He certainly is an awesome God. I’m glad He doesn’t give up on us before we’ve reaching our potential. :-)

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