long time no see

long time no see

So, I haven’t been blogging much recently. Don’t worry – I’m not planning on abandoning my blog! :-) I *love* to blog, and I do think about it constantly! I think the problem has come with trying to keep up with two blogs full-time. I feel a little bit stretched thin, but I don’t want to stop either of the blogs so…. I don’t know.

It’s Saturday, and I’m awake early thanks to some lovely animals. They have no regard for my desire to sleep in on Saturdays! :-) Hehe Oh well. I actually went to bed really early last night – around 11:30 so I probably should have been up anyways. I always get a headache if I sleep too long.

So, what’s new? I feel like several people have asked me this recently and I never know what to say. Nothing really big has happened lately… Or at least I feel like nothing of importance. And there are a few things that I can’t blog about due to the sensitive nature. (Nothing important, just don’t want the wrong person to read it.)

I feel like recently, my unorganized life is wearing on me because I am naturally a fairly organized person. It’s been fun to have no structure, just enjoying each day as it comes along, hanging out with Paul and living in his presence. I love it! But I think there comes a time when some structure must be put into place – things we need to do before we can “play”. I can see why women like to stay home full-time once they’re married – you can get all that yucky stuff out of the way during the day and have all evening to enjoy your husband! :-) Heheh Well I have been trying to get a good organizational system together that works well for me. I tried to join FlyLady a while back, but to be honest I didn’t care for her style (for MY personality, nothing against her). (Did anyone else not care for FlyLady? Or is it just me?)

Last week Crystal posted about her home organizational binder, and I’ve been thinking about doing something like that. Lists work really well for me, and I can cater the schedule for our own household. Also, binders are somewhat academic, and after 18 years in the educational system, I got that down! :-) I used a binder to coordinate all my wedding details, and I found that very helpful. I can recycle that binder, if I can find it… Has anyone else tried this? How do you get organized?

I know it’s not difficult… And I do really well with routines, so once I find a good functional routine than I will be good. Anyways, those are some of my recent thoughts. And now I’m inspired to make a binder for myself. I’m already designing the cover in my head… *smile* I also need to buy some sort of scale so I can track my weight-loss progress. (Although waking up one morning and finding out that I can button my pants works for me too! Heheh)

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