the plan

the plan

So, I’m getting excited about the Gerig Reunion! I talked to Bethany and Joanna H. this weekend about our plans for this July. Here is what we have so far:

Friday, July 13th: Paul and I will arrive in Wheaton with Bethany, who is riding with us. The three of us will go to the wedding Friday evening. After the wedding, we’ll pick up Joanna and go to the Dunes where we will stay the night.

Saturday, July 14th: Meet up with all the other Gerig folks sometime in the morning. (Perhaps for breakfast?) Hang out all day, doing whatever activities we decide on later. Stay at the Dunes that night.

Sunday, July 15th: Return home via Chicago, where we drop Joanna off to catch her flight. Or do people want to stay longer? I don’t know what others are thinking as far as when to go home – I’m assuming that people want to be back to work on Monday.

I’m getting excited! I hope y’all are too! :-)

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