happy birthday to paul

happy birthday to paul

My dearest Paul,

Today is your 25th birthday! Too bad you weren’t 25 a few months ago when we had to rent that car. Well, our worries about that are over.

I am so excited to be sharing your birthday with you this year, since I missed the past two years. I hope you had fun during your surprise weekend getaway this past weekend. It was fun planning the surprise for you! I think the best part was knowing you weren’t expecting it at all. That’s one thing I like about you – you don’t put high expectations on people, and you always seem surprised when we take the time to do stuff for you. I love that. :-)

It’s been fun being your wife. You are very silly, yet you know when to be serious (most of the time). You are always wanting to do things for me. I love being pampered by you! I hope I return that love in the same degree you give it. I love being able to talk to you about anything and everything. There really is nothing I don’t tell you. I love that you listen so well, and respond so intelligently. I’d be bored of me by now! But you’re not. You keep on listening and loving me. Wow!

You keep trying to convince me that the most important thing about today is that it’s the first day of spring. But you keep forgetting what an amazing man you are, and how to me celebrating your entrance into this world is more important than spring! I hope you never forget that.

I was thinking the other day back to 5 years ago on your birthday. We had just started dating, and I wasn’t sure how one was supposed to celebrate a boyfriend’s birthday. I remember asking someone if they thought I should give you a present. She seemed shocked, and said “Of course!” I thought about it for a long time and finally got someone with a car to pick up a package of Hershey’s Hugs for me to give you. I thought it would be the most appropriate gift. It makes me laugh now, to think of that. I love showering you with gifts. :-)

So I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for being a part of my life! I have loved these last 7 months, and I look forward to 700 more months with you!! Here’s to you!

Yours always, Ashley

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