a random assortment of updates

a random assortment of updates

So, I haven’t written in a while.

After a week of having nothing to do at work, we had a week of the opposite. Mostly, I was busy because I have been training some new designers. We have experienced some recent turnover, and so we were scrambling to get their replacements. I enjoy training but sometimes I wonder if I confuse people more than help them!

Also last week we had a tutorial class in InDesign! I was excited; I got to learn about my favorite design program and it put all of us on the same page. We are switching to InDesign, but not all the designers are familiar with the program. I think the tutorial was very helpful for everyone, and I look forward to seeing more of our ads using the features of InDesign. (Since most of my work is picking up ads that other people have already started, then I have no choice about which program I get to use.)

Now, to find a plug-in that will open Quark documents in InDesign…

On the home front, last weekend I drove down to the Atlanta airport to see my mom during her layover! It was a lot of fun. I took her to lunch at Cracker Barrel and then we found a library with a funky architectural design that was kinda fun. We enjoyed sitting and talking, looking at pictures from my mom’s trip to Peru (the kids I used to babysit are so grown-up now!). I dropped my mom off at the airport so she could catch her flight to London – she’s been there for more meetings and project-visiting.

Last week was cleaning week – my brother and his girlfriend came to visit on Thursday! I was excited to see them, and to meet Molly. We had a nice time; we visited CNN, walked through Atlanta a little bit, watched “The Deep South” episode of Futurama. (Come on, it’s essential to watch that when you visit Atlanta!) All in all, a great time was had by all.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a gorgeous day, and there were sooo many people at the dog park! Jera had a blast. I thinks she’s more interested in the people than the dogs though. :-) It was funny – half the (small) dogs there were Bichons or Poodles (or mixes of those) and the other half were dachshunds. The Bichons were soooo cute and fluffy, and the dachshunds were very barky! I am so glad Jera doesn’t bark! Even when all the other dogs are barking, she just does her own thing. Jera met a Cairn Terrier who was adorable, and they had fun running together. I enjoy the dog park as much as she does probably; I like being there with the people, seeing all the other dogs. I’m working on recognizing breeds!

So tonight is school – obedience school, that is. Jera is learning to sit! And do other things, of course, but sit is one of the first things. We haven’t had a lot of time this week to work with her, so she doesn’t do very well yet… So hopefully she is a fast learner! Tomorrow is cleaning and laundry (and Gilmore Girls!). And Wednesday… my mom is flying in from England! She and my dad are going to be staying here a few days while they speak at a Christian school and a church this weekend. I am excited to see them again! So this week will be busy as well, and so I might not be blogging much. :-)

Other than that, Paul and I have started serving on the Missions Committee at our church. It should be interesting, because I have some different ideas about missions than my church. I am hoping, though, to raise awareness about missions! I have been attending this church now for over a year and a half, and I have heard only snippets of the mission work the church is involved in… So hopefully this year will be different. :-)

Also, Paul and I are looking to start tent camping this spring. We have most of the camping supplies, but we still need a good tent. Any advice? We went to REI yesterday to see the selection they had, and then I spent last night on the internet looking at reviews of different tents. My mind was full after trying to take everything in! We are planning to take Jera with us camping, so it should be quite an adventure. :-) Amy, when do you think it will be warm enough that we can go camping? Want to go with us? :-) All this is getting ready for our camping trip this summer for the Gerig reunion!! Hooray fun times.

Okay, this post is long enough! Until next time.

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