overheard in our house

overheard in our house

Ashley: “Susan was teasing me for referring to it as ‘regular Coke’.”

Paul: “Well, what other kind of Coke is there?”

Ashley: “You know, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew Coke, Dr Pepper Coke….”


Ashley: “Why is the faucet squirting all weird like that?”

Paul: “It’s because we lost the water pressure.” (Our water was off for a while this evening.) “Imagine a garden hose…”

Ashley: “Okay, Charlie.”

At the same instant, we both had had the same mental picture: Charlie from Numb3rs, explaining some complicated mathematical problem by comparing it to something we understand. The screen fades, and we see equations being handwritten in chalk over a picture of a garden hose….

Paul: “Are you even listening to me?”

Ashley: “No. I’m still thinking about the garden hose.”

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