silly ashley

silly ashley

So I deleted my ashleydesign blog.

Actually, I deleted the twentysixcats blog accidentally instead. Oops! Fortunately, I still had the files so I just uploaded them again, and the database wasn’t touched. Phew. I gave myself a little scare there for a moment.

I also updated my “About Me” page. It is now 100 things about me. It’s rather stream-of-consciousness and hopefully not too boring. :-) I enjoyed writing it. I will probably take the less interesting ones and update them with more interesting ones as I think of them. I will probably also add one more to make it 101 things about me, just because I’m like that. (See #29)

So, yesterday was our first day of doggy obedience school! It was fun, and I was so glad that Jera behaved herself the whole time. She fell asleep in my lap on the way home and looked so cute. We have been letting her go into the living room some now, usually keeping her on the leash so we can keep an eye on her. She likes that, and we like that because the living room is more cozy. We’ve decided that Tuesdays and Thursdays are the weekday dog park days. I think it will really help her to run and play, and socialize with other dogs! I am excited that we found such a nice one near our house. (Did I mention that? We found 3 within 6 miles… We went to the closest on Sunday and it was very nice! Not as crowded as Piedmont Park, so Jera was less overwhelmed.) I love to watch Jera run – her ears flopping and her tail between her legs. Seriously, she runs with her tail tucked under her! It looks so funny. She seems to be having a good time, though, and she’s all tuckered out when she gets back (yay!!). She has the cutest little puppy-bounding and it makes me happy to watch her.

Paul and I have been watching some Frank Capra movies recently. Paul really likes that director a lot, so I got him the Frank Capra collection for Christmas. We watched “American Madness” and “It Happened One Night”. The former is a nice, feel-good movie set during the Great Depression with elements similar to “It’s A Wonderful Life” (another Capra classic). The latter is a wonderful romantic comedy starring Clark Gable (Rhett Butler!) and Claudette Colbert that swept the Oscars in 1934. I greatly enjoyed both of them, and highly recommend them.

Oh, and I made a delicious salmon-vegetable meal the other night, which I may post a recipe if anyone is interested. Tonight is tuna casserole night!

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