the weather outside is frightful

the weather outside is frightful

To the person who cut me off this morning: I know you probably passed your driver’s test, but I just wanted to remind you that when the roads are slick and icy, it’s probably not a good idea to just pull out IN FRONT OF SOMEONE… especially when there is NO ONE BEHIND THEM and you could have waited just a few more seconds. The reason why I honked at you was because I was terrified to hit my breaks in fear of ice on the road, but I had to anyway to avoid hitting you. Please think next time you pull onto the road, and be grateful there was no ice because then I would have hit you. Thank you.

They were predicting freezing rain and icy conditions for last night, but it seems that by the time the storm hit metro Atlanta, it was just rain and not too bad. Paul was all happy that he didn’t have to go to work this morning, and I was jealous. It isn’t too bad, really, just cold and wet and yucky… Time to stay home and curl up by the fire.

I feel like we’re working on getting into the swing of things here. I have been cooking more, although I still don’t like it and would rather eat M&Ms for dinner instead of cooking any day. I think Paul appreciates a meal, though. It just seems like a lot of work to just turn around and consume it all. I think my problem is I just dislike food (except perhaps candy and strawberries). More often than not, I’d rather not eat at all and just get my nutrients from an IV or something. After 24 years I’m officially bored of food (don’t hate me, Hannah).

But, cook I must and this is only the beginning. While Paul might be able to overlook no dinner and grab some salad for himself, I doubt my (future hypothetical) kids will be so gracious. So, now is the time to learn everything about cooking so I can be a fabulous mom and make my kids pine for “homecooked meals” when they’re away at college. I have such pure motives. :-)

Tomorrow is Friday, that’s happy. I get to see my mom on Saturday! And next weekend my brother and his girlfriend are coming up to visit, which is happy again! February is going to be a busy month, but that will force me to keep the house clean. ;-)

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