romping in piedmont park

romping in piedmont park

It was gorgeous today. Slightly chilly, but the sun was out and the sky was such a beautiful clear blue. I had to get up semi early for my eye doctor’s appointment. (Finally!! I’m going to get contacts!! I have been wearing my glasses for 2 months now.) He said my prescription hasn’t changed much, which makes me smile because it hasn’t changed in 4 years. I am now trying to decide what type of contacts to get – should I get cool green ones? I used to have those when I first got contacts when I was 13, but a few years later I switched to regular clear contacts. I loved having green eyes. It would be fun to get some again. Hmm, I don’t know – we’ll see.

The highway was pretty backed up, so I took the long scenic route home. It’s through a nice section of town, and it was so pretty. I like to mentally pick out which house I want to buy in the future. :-) When I got home, I decided to give my car a bath. We had gotten a coupon for a local car wash place, so I took my little baby there. She is now all nice and sparkling again. :-)

IMG_1225.JPGSince it was such a pretty day, I decided to go and pick up Paul after work. I brought Jera with me, and the three of us went to Piedmont Park to play. My brother-in-law works near there, so we stopped and visited him first, and his girlfriend Jess joined us on a trip to the park. I was glad she came, because she told us of an off-leash area for dogs. We headed to the dog park and had a blast! Jera was a bit intimidated by all the other dogs, even though we were in the puppy section. She liked to run though and we were trying hard to get her to chase a ball. We met other dogs and their owners, and had a very pleasant time. I would like to make it a habit to visit these parks more often; since we don’t have a yard, I think it’s important that we find other places to give her a chance to run off leash. And besides, we might make some friends! :-)

Tim (brother-in-law) and Jess invited us back to their place for dinner. They live in a beautiful house-turned-apartments right off Piedmont Park. Their place was beautiful! It was small, but had a wonderful view of downtown Atlanta. That area is very nice; I kept saying to Paul that we should move here. :-) We probably could afford it, but not if we want to pay off our loans quickly. We both like the city feel though, and know that once we get older and have a family, we’re going to prefer the suburbs. I feel as if we’re missing a chance to live, but oh well.

IMG_1226.JPGJera did very well in Tim & Jess’ apartment. I think we might be at the tail end of this potty training. I feel like we have learned to recognize her signs – know her schedule of when she needs to go, and detect her “I’m about to go whether I’m outside or not!” signs. It’s a good thing. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to let her into more of the house than the kitchen.

I put some recent pictures of Jera up on my Facebook album (I think the album is public; leave me a message if it isn’t.)

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