a few changes

a few changes

Some of you may notice a few changes to my blog! I was going to do a complete redesign, but then I realized that I liked the current design too much to want to change. So you’re stuck with this for now. :-)

I redid the header to reflect my new domain name. Don’t you like it? I think it’s my favorite one yet (I didn’t like the last one; too dreary).

The biggest change is that I have officially moved my blog to twentysixcats.com!! It went fairly painlessly, and I hope things will be smooth sailing from here on out. :-) I will leave the ashleydesign blog up for a bit while I work on getting everything over here to twentysixcats. I’m not sure if ashleydesign will update as I update twentysixcats – I didn’t actually move the database – so we’ll see. :-)

If you use an aggregator, you’ll want to add twentysixcats.com to your list. Please also update any links you have on your site. Eventually, ashleydesign will come down and then be turned into a professional site. Once I make that last transition there won’t be any links from there to this blog (my attempt to keep my personal blog separate from my professional stuff).

Leave me comments about how cool and very Ashley-esque my cool header is. :-)

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