all moved

all moved

We’re all moved. :-) Well, almost. It was quite a day. There are still a few things left at the old apartment, but most everything is in the new place. I am exhausted. Paul is not exhausted, since he didn’t do anything all day. ;-) (He had to work so he arrived home when everything was done!)

We will be unpacking until the day we die. That’s what I think anyways. Hehe. I’m excited to have a place that’s ours, though. Not mine, but ours. I am very sad to leave the old apartment. It was such a nice place, and I really did love the complex. I wish we could have stayed here, but I am glad we’re moving to a bigger place.

I am tired, and since we have no internet yet at the new apartment, I have to come back to the old one to check my email. :-) That should come on Monday, hooray! I’m excited about that.

Bye bye for now. I might post pictures… or I might load them into Facebook for all the cool people who hang out there. By the way, does anyone know a good free photo album for one’s personal website? I was using Gallery but it kept messing up. If I get a good one, then maybe I’ll stop posting things only in Facebook. ;-)

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