summer in november

summer in november

I like how it was 85 degrees outside a few hours ago and it’s almost the middle of November. Hehe. :-)

I got the keys to our new place today! Hooray! We pick up a loveseat and our new bed tonight. I’m excited to have a new mattress! (A queen-size bed for a change) I’m also glad because we got one that was under budget.

We are in the midst of packing right now. I think I’ll probably pack up my desktop computer along with the rest of my desk. We aren’t getting Internet at this new place until Monday – so sad! :-( Well I guess we’ll have to leave the wireless router here and we’ll just bring the laptop back when we want to check our email.

I got a new (used) cell phone so everyone can call me on that number again! Hooray!

That’s all; I need to go pack.

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